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ok so I watched all 22 EPs in one day only to cry my eyes out ╥﹏╥ *SPOILERS BELOW* YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
1. What was your main ship in the beginning compared to the end 2. Favorite character :) 3. WHO CRIED!? 4. What do you rate this anime 1-10 and why 5. Would you suggest this anime to anyone and if so, who? @ubstheegam3r
please give link to ova, I'd love to watch it
yes it was an absolutely amazing anime and I do like the relationship of Arima and Kaori but I feel like Him and Tsubaki would go together even better, ya know they've know each other forever she feels a really strong bond towards him and they're cute together, but besides that loved this anime it made my appreciation for classical music grow even more, especially the piano so I really recommend this anime I will rewatch it at some point
My main ship was (and still is) Arima and Kaori❤ Never gonna let that ship sail! My favorite character is Arima Kousei! I cried! Am crying, and probably wont stop crying until I die. I rate this anime 11 out of 10 because it was that good! I've made a crad not that long ago about this anime and i recommended it to all the loveky people on Vingle and my younger sister lol. This anime is so good even if it is really sad all of the work put into it was amazing and worth it! One of my favorite animes for sure😁
My main ship, and always will be, is Kaori and Arima cause HOW CAN I NOT!? I give this anime flippin 100/10, i SOBBED on the last episode! Like legit, for real, can hardly breathe, SOBBING! My fav character would be Kaori cause she was jusT SO BRAVE AND SUCH A POSITIVE AND STRONG PERSON AND OH OH HOLD ON LET ME GRAB MY TISSUES -blows nose- mm, sorry about that -wipes eyes- I would reccomend this to anyone and everyone cause i think anyone could enjoy the tragic love story of Arima Kousei