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SO OKAY, I've made a challenge, and I want to see how far this one spreads across the Vinglesphere, so tag all your friends in K-Pop, Anime, Golf, Baking, whatever -- in the words of Donald Trump, this is about to be YUGEEE.

All you have to do is:

1) Check your phone.

2) Find the funniest picture you've got on there - or screencap, meme, etc.

3) Create a new card -- and share what you've found!!

I was reading a webcomic (called Orange Marmalade) while I was on a bus when I got to this panel that made me laugh out loud. I screencapped it, and now it's what I text my friends when they make a dirty joke or send me a picture of food.
Another friend uses it too now, and we refer to ourselves as The Sexy Police.

...This is too... sexy.

Now it's YOUR turn to share!!

Go, Funny Community, go!!

@MattK95 ITS A DRAMA NOW?!??
Off topic but have you seen the Drama they made from that webcomic? It's pretty cool ^-^
You guys might have awesome troll memes XD lol
@danidee yes a K-Drama... That is of course if that is the webcomic involving vampires living amongst humans... If so then yes it is and it was really quite enjoyable... Confusing af after a few episodes in when it does a weird time leap backwards to ancient times...but still really cool
okay lol
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