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We couldn't get away from the 90s.

Everything you were rockin' as a tween has officially made a comeback, well the majority. Fashion definitely has a way of repeating itself and in this case, it's definitely a good thing. If you owned several choker necklaces growing up, but some how lost them as the years went by -- don't fret because the trend is back with a vengeance.
This trend is not only for the young teenage girls these days, some of your favorite celebrities have been spotted out and about with their fly choker. When it comes to accessories these days, less is definitely more and the choker is the perfect description of just that. If you're trying to embrace your youth and take it back a decade, keep scrolling to check out the trendy accessory that has resurfaced and will be gracing the necks of many this spring.

ASOS Circle Choker Necklace

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ASOS Cross Choker Necklace

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New Look Tattoo & Shard Multirow Choker Necklace

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Are you a fan of this reoccurring trend?
Super late but yes! @EasternShell
Yes, I love them but never get one. I guess i should find some simple chokers.
like the look...You can alter the overall look of an outfit easily.
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