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Cate Blanchett is the new age Pink.

Not everyone can rock a full head of pink hair, but I must admit it looks rather phenomenal on Cate. It's always amazing to see women be fearless and take measures into their own hands not caring what anyone might say or think. As for Cate, I don't think anyone has any negative remarks because she can literally do no wrong when it comes to the beauty she exudes. Surprisingly, pink hair has been something she has been wanting for quite some time, but never quite got around to.
Her hairstylist told The Telegraph, “We've been talking about doing it for a while but wanted to get all the award seasons out of the way to have a play and a bit of fun. It will last a couple of weeks, depending on how many washes it has.” Let's hope those are the longest weeks ever because I feel I can speak on behalf of everyone and say that this is absolutely gorge! Different is always a plus in my book. Everyone wants to stand out and that's exactly what Cate is doing. While several women have tried to stand out and dye their tresses pink, many have failed -- few have succeeded. Keep scrolling to see some of the best looks featuring a head full of pink hair.

Celebrity Name: Pink

Celebrity Name: Kaley Cuoco

Celebrity Name: Nicole Richie

Celebrity Name: Natasha Bedingfield

Who rocked the pink hair the best?

Are you diggin' Cate's new look?
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kaley rocked that pink hair!!!
she def wore it well! @humairaa
I think kale the Cuoco rocks it the best!!!
Definitely!!! She rocked it! @MyAffairWith
Pink still rules that color.