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No need to sweat your lack of sleep anymore.

If you didn't get your complete eight hours and you not only feel like you're dragging, but you look like it too -- there's a beauty hack for that. Unfortunately, you didn't wake up like this, but you can pretend you did. Apparently, a little bit of white eyeliner on the top and bottom inner corners of your eyes will have you looking like you woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day.
It's been done on the runway and now this little beauty trick is coming to a typical day near you. The trick is to find a soft white with a bit of shimmer, which will give you a slight highlight effect. According to celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin, the trick to perfecting this look is to "only focus in the inner corners rather than pull the liner on top of the lid or lash line." This look doesn't require much besides a clean, fresh looking canvas. Had a later night? Grab the white eyeliner and you're good to go. Loving this idea, keep scrolling to see this hack below.

Do you own a white eyeliner pencil?

How do you use it on your eyes?
The beauty supply store has some great affordable color correctors that help with dark circles!! @TurtleyTurtles
I do not have a white pencil... but I also don't wear very much makeup every day. Although, it might be time to invest in one, since this new medicine I mentioned a while back has made me look exhausted every day. I've got to work on the dark circles, first, though... Any cheap suggestions for those?
If i ever use it, i apply only on my waterline n the inner corner of my eyes!
I need to make it mine @primodiva93
Definitely!!! @MyAffairWith
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