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Guys, I'm warning you: this makeup collection is envy-inducing. It'll make you both gasp in horror & wonder why you don't have one just as large. You'll want to buy one of everything she's got, or at least beg her to send you some. Seriously. I don't know what to think, but I know that I am amazed.

Part 1 of Shaaanxo's Collection~

Passionate makeup lover Shannon has got THE BIGGEST collection I've ever seen!
Seriously. I almost can't believe it. Mostly, though I admire her insane organizational skills, the fact that she clearly knows & adores so many of the things she owns, and just...well I admire basically everything about this.
I honestly expected to be totally put off by this video when I saw the screen caps, but actually.....right on Shannon! I love how much she loves what she does :)

Part 2 of her collection~~~

I literally laughed out loud when she was going through her "secondary" drawers where she keeps things that are either new or she doesn't use as much. Her drawer of "backup" lippies is bigger than my entire lip collection, lol!!!
I really love that she mentioned that she does clear things out & donates the close-to-new items. Very cool!!!

If you could borrow just one of her drawers, which would you take?

I think I'd go with one of her lipstick drawers. Why? Because I haven't experimented enough with lipsticks, and having alllllllll those options to experiment with would help me decide what works, what doesn't work, and what I should purchase for myself.

Tonight, I'll be dreaming of this....

@LAVONYORK right?! I don't think I want that much but also I'm so head over heels for this hahaha
Can she send me some stuff lol! Jeez, life of a beauty blogger lol