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Yesterday, I went binge beauty shopping, which I should NOT done. However I came out on top because I got a ton of free stuff worth more than I spent and I had plenty points to use also since I am a Bloomingdales/Macy baby (my mother loves me sometimes, she understood I left the princess stuff behind and became an Empress. Not my fault, she freaking spoiled me with designer samples and purchase two Rebecca Minkoff bags XD, I could only find one on Google, I guess because I had it for about two and a half years) Also I went to find the black soap that @jordanhamilton and @amobigbang directed me to at different beauty supply stores and that was a fail for me.. So when I go to New York City this weekend I hope to be able to find it. Now back to my binge, I totally cheated the Clinique system so I can get two free gifts to make it worth the money. The free gifts are in the bags above. Now my purchase..
This was hard to buy, the lady at the counter had to go 2-3 shades darker than my skin tone because she was telling me the right color is not going to hid my marks and I definitely saw what she was talking about. Another woman told me the same thing when I picked up my Nars foundation. I pretty much wanted a powder, so I can give my face a break from putting on the liquid foundation (which has acne fighting in it to) I got this in the color ginger..
This I absolutely love, only because it takes of the dirt and dries out my face. I know that sounds strange but when you have combo oily skin like myself, sometimes it feels good to have nothing on your face. I usually follow up with an Oil Free lotion, if I get lazy and don't do the charcoal wash / mask thing.
Did I tell you I am in love with their chubby eyeshadow? It goes on smooth and the color pops. This is my third one! When I get things correct, I'm going after the whole line lol. I'm eyeing the one in the second photo. I think it could be fun. It's called two ton teal (second photo)
@marshalledgar also sent me a site that I am super interested in and also I am going to go back to the dema, my face has changed ever since I started taking new meds for my kidney transplant, so my skin which was already sensitive is beyond that. If you touch my arm, you would most likely leave a bright red mark on it. This might be TMI, but my friends and family decided to give me a Bear hug. Everyone was excited I made 32. Hell, I was already picking out caskets before I got the kidney.. My health was getting super bad. Anyway, besides hurting my kidney and those annoying fuild pockets, I ended up with bright red marks on my shoulders, arms, etc lol. So yeah, I'm a fragile little flower. XD Anyway the photo above is what I created with my new stuff and this almost bright pink lipstick.. You like?
I loveeee everything you got!! that lipstick is gorgeous on you :)
@marshalledgar thank you so much and I will!
Well, miss fragile flower, you look Beautiful! And sometimes you just need to go a little crazy with shopping--I'm completely guilty. I made a new BFF at the Clinique counter about a month ago. I was only interested in getting my serum and day/night eye cream. But the young lady and I hit it off so well that she and I chatted at the counter for almost an hour! Let me know how things go with your appointments @LAVONYORK