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The windy city apparently brings you more than just wind.

They say, 'money can't buy you love', but apparently a city can find you love. If you happen to live in Chicago and you're single, you're in for a treat. If cupid has yet to shoot you with his bow and arrow, don't fret. According to The Chicago Tribune, '"The Great Love Debate" just named Chicago the best city for dating in the U.S.' If you live outside of Chicago, there's still a chance you will find your mister or misses right, but you might have a slightly better chance if you pack up your bags and head for Chi-Town.
The touring event, 'The Great Love Debate' has been collecting data since 2014 and their calculations go to show that Chicago is indeed the best city to find and fall in love based on these five factors: 'general attractiveness of the people there, the diversity of the population, how much people loved their city, people's confidence about dating in their city, and how great the social scene was there.'
If you don't plan on moving anytime soon, but still want to mesh with the right person over the next couple of years -- turns out the top four cities to find love in the United States are Lexington, Kentucky; Charlotte, North Carolina; Washington, D.C.; and Denver, Colorado.
If you don't happen to live in any of the states listed above, I really don't know what to tell you besides -- be patient. As hard as those two words might sound, it's actually the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your heart. Let love find you, no matter what city you live in.

Would you move to any of the above states in hopes of finding love?

I found my love right here, in Denver, Co... long before it became the number 1 city to live in! And honestly, I don't think there's one place for everyone to find love... I feel like moving to another city, just to seek out love, is too much. It's fine, though, if you're moving for another reason, such as a change of scenery or for a job. I found out, and tell everyone else, that once you stop actively looking for love, it will find you. ❤ (I didn't believe it was true, either!)
Chicago?? Really? Well, that's close to where my parents live. And my sister lives there. so maybe she'll find her person ;)
haha. . maybe not too desperate to find love far far away there... but it make sense, if there more people believe they can find love there, who knows maybe it's like placebo effects.
yeah, I totally agree! I think these are just ratios they come up with over the years. but I feel like you can definitely find love anywhere -- when the time is right of course. well, said. @TurtleyTurtles
I really doubt in Maryland and in DC... 75% of of the people piss me off
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