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{Feel Good Fridays} Attack on Titan Moments!!!

Hello nakamas! VoidX here, and today, it seems like it's my turn for the daily anime theme with Feel Good Friday! :D
So, tired? Have worked hard during the week? Dying to watch some anime? XD
Well then, my friend, my nakama, time to fire up the pleasure-region of the brain (Named Nucleus accumbens XD) and it's time to feel good! :D
Todays Theme is...

Attack on Titan!!!

In preparation for the badass return of the fan-favoured anime in a form of a Season 2, we'll use today's FGF to remember the times and moments in the 25 episodes so far released in the anime.

What blood-pumping action-scenes, heroic deeds and epic quotes made you feel good from Attack on Titan!?

Raise your blades, roar with all your might and unleash hell onto the titans that has taken what belongs to us!!!

Spoiler alert for those who've not seen this show yet! (Disappointed XD)

Guren no Yumiya

(The OP1)

Let's start off where an episode starts off! WITH THE MOST BADASS AND MOST EPIC OPENING OF OUR ERA!!!
You can listen through this song multiple times as you read this Card
It'll make the experience so much better!


A Glimmer of Hope

(Episode 3)

After an extremely dark and bloody first two episodes, we could need something to hope for, something to root for. Eren Yeager gave us that chance after persisting with getting through with the acceptance-process to be a trained soldier of the human army.
This epic shot with the last tones of the OST "The Reluctant Heroes" puts us in the frontseat of honour, glory and heroism!

It's Been A While...

(Episode 4)

After a couple of years since the last encounter with the Colossal and the Armoured Titans, the Xl-Tt makes a surprise reveal in the very end of episode 4, launching our heroes down the wall but Eren, with thirst for revenge and blood, flies right back and delivers the thumb-nail, klick-bait, epic shot that is the single most iconic shot of the entire series, with Eren uttering vengeful and words filled with hatred.

This is a cliff-hanger, one we desperately wanted

The Rogue Titan

(Episode 7)

With Trost-district in ruins and filled with Titans roaming its streets, the few soldiers left make desparate attempts to keep their lives intact and to see another day.
Mikasa goes full-on badass mode but falls short, due to her extensive use of the 3D-gear. After a few final attempts to stay alive and in the moment where everything is at their darkest, an epic punch was needed to give us all, even Mikasa a new hope, a new light to follow!

The Reveal

(Episode 8)

After the Rogue Titan as gone wild on his own kind, he falls to the ground after annihaliting the remaining titans that surround the supply-building for our heroes.
But, through a (predictable) plot-twist, seeing the kid who got eaten just a few episodes ago emerge as the user of the Rogue Titan, everything changes.
The plot
Our heroes
Their future
Everything Changes

The Boulder

(Episode 13 | Part 1)



(Yes, I counted personally)
This was the moment that made our bloods pumping
This was the moment that defined Attack on Titan
This was the moment the word *epic* took a new form

This was the moment when we knew...

...Shit was about to go down...

Yellow Smoke Confirmed

(Episode 13 | Part 2)

After a small quotes from Eren, talking about never giving up on freedom and such, plugging the hole in the wall and the Commander on the field mourning her fallen comrades by quoting that their lives were not in vain, and that history has been made, a yellow smoke is shot to the sky, ending the first half of this episode and ending
the adrenaline-infused moments we just witnessed...

The Wings of Freedom

(Episode 13 | Part 3)

This is simply Levi's introduction
And it's epic AF!!!

We still have 12 episodes to use!

Which Attack on Titan moments made you want to roar, fight and survive like our heroes do?!

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@xxwriter389xx well... What made your blood pumping then? :)
Attack on titan ost is so epic and really gets your blood pumping for those really awesome moments and gets your adrenaline rushing too. Can't wait for season 2!
@VoidX awesome I'll have to try and remember which epi that one was but sounds like a plan NAKAMA!!
@LuffyNewman no worries, NAKAMA! Make a Card of your own in the best moment after episode 13 ;)
Love the wall moment for anyone who knows what I'm talking about!! Freaked me out, but I don't wanna ruin it so I'll leave it to your imagination NAKAMA!! Thanks for the tag too NAKAMA!! @VoidX
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