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Body positivity is so critical.

Although, we have yet gotten to the point where we fully appreciate all body types as a society, we can definitely say that we have made progress. Some of the biggest fashion names in the industry have had curvy models walk in their runways and become the face of their brand. While all of that is amazing, it's still hard for a lot of people to appreciate dips, rivets, curves and rolls when they see them. Because at the end of the day we are all human, yet we are different -- right?
What makes it okay to glorify a woman with a slender body type, but look down upon the woman who chooses to freely embrace a little extra weight? While we aren't glorifying unhealthiness, there is a huge difference. In this social experiment seen below, a young woman purposely goes shopping for clothes she regularly wouldn't wear out in public just to show the world that she is not ashamed to show off her belly. One word: empowering. If you're searching for a bit of self-confidence this morning, look no further. You've come to the right place. Keep scrolling and continue to promote body positivity.

What are your honest thoughts about this social experiment?

Do you agree that all bodies are equal?
@jordanhamilton I have said it before, I will say it again. Every body is beautiful. Figures can come, figures can go, but it's what's inside the person that makes them the beautiful people that they are.
I love her personality hope she never changes and honestly, she can light up the room more than any1 else keep rockn and the the haterz 2 hate on baby bc if no1 is hating them you're not doing something right. 馃槂
I loved how she was insecure in the beginning and then slowly opened up to it more and more. Because she really she looks great!!!
She definitely looks nice!! @MyAffairWith
I applaud her fierce bravery. takes guts. good for her
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