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I know I have not been doing much with Thor and I know that you all said that you would be willing to read a Thor fanfiction about him in our world, so here you go. I do not have a title yet for this fiction.

PG13 It will get more mature later down the road!


Part 1: Loki and Jessamine's Breakup

Jessamine was very upset. She had it with her boyfriend Loki. He was always blowing off things and laughing at everything. He played too many games and Jessamine had enough. Last week after thinking things over she gave him a chance to make things right, since their anniversary day was this week. However, when that day came Loki was nowhere to be found. He didn’t even send a text message or even roses. He knows she loves roses. Instead he came back home three days later and gave some lame excuse about not being around.
"Oh well at least I wasn’t trying to take over the world or anything! You should be happy to be in my presence now love." Loki said while crossing his legs and smirking.
"I'm so sick and tired of all of this Loki! Maybe you are a nut? Taking over the world? You are not some villain like you keep saying you are. You need to see a therapist. I have been ignoring that, but this is too much!" Jessamine said while pacing.
"I am a villain love that I cannot lie. Please stop pacing and have a drink. You think I am such a bad boyfriend? You should be happy that I just speak about taking over the world and randomly disappear. I could be like other boyfriends and cheat on you while I am away or bad mouth your cooking." Loki said while pouring a glass of wine.
"Oh I will calm down Loki." Jessamine said under her breath.
She walked to the bedroom and began throwing his stuff out the window like his clothes, his shoes, his books, and other random things. Loki heard the loud noise from the dining room and walked into the bedroom to investigate. He saw Jessamine throwing his belongings outside the window and telling by passers to take what they liked. Random people were grabbing things and running away.
Loki quickly pulled Jessamine away from the window. He leaned over into the window.
"Don't touch my stuff of I will kill all of you!" He paused and looked at Jessamine. "What the hell is wrong with you woman? You are acting childish!" He tightens the grip around her arm.
"What am I doing Loki? What the fuck are you doing? Let me go you are hurting me!" Jessamine screamed.
Loki looked down to see that he did have a tight grip on her. Even though she had milk chocolate skin he could see the ring around her arm that he left. Sometimes he forgot that he was not a mortal since he has been on earth for so long.
Jessamine began to cry as she seen the mark on her sore arm. "I’m finished with you Loki! We are done! Get your shit and leave!" She yells while throwing a cardboard box at him.
Loki was speechless. He looked at her and tried to silence that dark voice inside him. He did love Jessamine he just wished he did better. He had no idea she was this upset. He couldn’t believe he was making her cry and bruised her. He took the boxes and then kissed her on her forehead and then her lips.
"I'm sorry love. I do still love you. I guess I am a villain after all." He looked her deep into her brown eyes and then vanished.
"Loki wait!" Jessamine said while reaching out to nothingness. He never did that before. Maybe he's not a mortal? Maybe I was wrong to act like this?
Jessamine fell to her knees crying. She felt so alone and she felt bad after seeing how Loki reacted. But she need some time away from him. She pulled herself up and looked outside the window. All of Loki stuff was gone. How is that even possible?
Jessamine sat down on the bed. The whole smelled like Loki. She tried to erase the memories of the good times they shared in their bedroom--the good conversations, pillow fights, breakfast in bed, Netflix nights, Kdrama nights, and oh making love into a verb. She grinned and bit her lips. He was so good at that. If only he knew all he had to do was say sorry and pound my lights out I would have forgave him. He can be so smart, but so stupid.

Part 2: Blind Date

Four months had passed by and Jessamine's best friend Natalia had forced her out of her apartment. She had a blind double date set up for Jessamine. They both sat at an upscale Italian restaurant in downtown New York. Jessamine was pulling on her fitted burgundy dress.
"Don't think too much girl you look great. I'm so happy to see you dressed like your old self." Natalia said while smiling.
"I like my sweaters and legging just fine Natalia. I think I should just leave. I had it with men and you were the one who hooked me up with Loki. I don't need another loco guy in my life." Jessamine said
“You are the one talking crazy. Now yes, I hooked you and Loki up. But it was up to you two to make it work. Don't blame that on me. Besides, you are too cute to be single." Natalia said.
Before Jessamine could reply the mystery guy walked in with Natalia's boyfriend Bruce. Jessamine almost choked on the air she was breathing. This mystery guy had long beautiful golden locks. It looked as if she bought that hair from one of the Asian Weave shops. He has stunning muscular build and he walked with confidence. His navy dress shirt was tucked in and hugged his biceps on so perfectly and his black slacks hugged his perfect butt like a pair of gloves.
He smiled at Jessamine showing his perfect white teeth. "Ah, you must be the beautiful Jessamine Bruce and Natalia have been telling me about. I am Thor Odinson. It is nice to meet you." He bent down and kissed her soft hand. "You are more beautiful in person I might add."
"You don't need to try so hard Thor." Natalia said while smiling. "She's single and would take anything good looking."
"Natalia stop it!" Jessamine said through her teeth. "Oh yes, I'm Jessamine. Thank you so much for the compliments Thor. The feeling is mutual."
Bruce took Natalia’s hand. "Where are you two going?" Jessamine said.
"Well we thought you two would need privacy to get to know each other. We have another table reserved for us." Bruce said.
"Natalia..." Jessamine said while staring at her best friend.
"Now, now be good Jessamine. Don't bite Thor." Natalia grinned and left with Bruce.
Thor sat across from Jessamine to get a better look at her. The lighting in the restaurant gave her a sultry look. He loved her smooth skin and beautiful ebony hair. She smelled so good and he wanted to smell more. It had been a while since he had been on a date or had a girlfriend. Most of his girlfriends thought he was crazy.
"Well, what shall we eat?" Thor says while trying not to have her see that he was drooling while checking her out.
"The seafood is awesome here. Do you drink wine?" Jessamine said.
"Ah, a few times but not that much. I would love some though." Thor says while glancing over the menu.
"Awesome. When the waiter comes order a bottle of Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut for our meal." Jessamine says.
"Okay. I'm fine with that. The man should do the ordering?" Thor said.
"Well I like it when the man does order. Some women may not like that, but I just think it is romantic." Jessamine says while smiling.
"Well if that is what you wish of Thor than it shall be done." Thor said while smiling.
"Did you just refer to yourself in the third person?" Jessamine says while placing down her menu.
Shit I did it again. "I'm sorry it is a habit."
"No, you are fine. I do that sometimes when I’m nervous. So what do you do?"
"Well, I am a personal trainer for now. I love helping people get healthy. What about you?"
"Oh I can tell you care about fitness." Jessamine takes another look at Thor. "Oh I own a makeup line called Wild Child. It's a small boutique downtown and I am a beauty blogger."
"Oh I heard about your place in the news. You style for many famous people. Something about a dragon and BTS?"
"Yes, I style for some famous people like G-Dragon from Big Bang and BTS. They are Kpop artists. However, I also have makeup line coming out soon too."
"Wow, you must be busy. Congratulations." Thor says.
The waiter came and they placed their orders.
yay! I love this. I'm excited to see what happens next :D
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Love this! I can't wait now!
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