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Women can be very peculiar.

As a woman, I'll admit that. We have certain things that immediately irritate us and rub us the wrong way, but that's life. If you mention something to you once, we expect you to remember and to respect our wishes. One thing pretty much all women despise is when a man tells them to 'relax'. It doesn't quite matter who the man may be or what the circumstances of the response are -- it's just a word that doesn't quite rub us the right way.
Every time that word is said, it's almost like our brain explodes [literally]. It's hard to accept the fact that men constantly tell women to relax when we can't relax because they continuously go against our wishes. This isn't a card to bash men, but most women don't ask for much. The least you can do is refrain from using one word in your ever so complex vocabulary. Since you don't quite realize how much of an annoyance the phrase happens to be, maybe these gifs reminiscent of our reaction will give you a slight idea. Keep scrolling to see them below.

Yeah, so I think that pretty much sums it up.

Ladies, would you agree?
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yeah, same here! communication is always key. especially in a situation like this one @VixilCastillo
I didn't expect that to be the word
Lol what word were you thinking of? @3steph14
@3steph14 well I definitely do appreciate you sending a link for the video instead of saying the word lol