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Gotta always feel good on these Friday's NAKAMA!! Whether your partying down or meeting a fated NAKAMA, or your blue in the face from a whooping from the infamous Nami Swan!! ONE piece makes everyday few good but Friday's are special to almost everyone even the straw hats!! Have a amazing Friday NAKAMA!! Also I so wanna go to the Mugiwara store ASAP!! I'd need about a dozen wallets bc I'd wanna buy everything even the life size Luffy!! Can't forget the sweet cosplay, personally Luffy has a killer style but Boa and Nami are also rockin!! Anime is life!!
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@DevilsSon that's awesome. It's my #1 and will always have my heart. I re watch every episode usually once a yr I literally binge 30+ episodes a day until I'm caught back up. Takes a few weeks but so worth it!!
@LuffyNewman same once a year i rewatch it right know im on alabasta arc
and i work alot so it takes time for me to finish it
@DevilsSon yeah work gets in the way and school for me too. Blahh someday I hope t be able to just watch anime whenever I want wherever I am or read manga and somehow make enough money to do what I want when I want. Basically I wanna be a pirate but with wifi on my ship haha
@LuffyNewman roaming the sees with anime and manga with a ship full of nakama would be the best