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Mini spoilers for those who haven't seen all of AOT season 1!!... Episode 25. THE WALL!! Such a cliffhanger and leaves off with all these questions as well as instant new ones opened up!! The moment that got me the most was literally the name of the episode, the wall itself has some very secret and scary build. A wall to keep the Titans out is made of.......... Haha hope you watch AOT NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! @voidx this episode had me on the edge of my seat but also upset that I couldn't jump right into a season 2!! Ahhhh
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Trust me, as someone who's reading the manga... Shit's about to get real... And later on... Shit hits the fan...
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does anyone no if the anime will continue
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Yeah I also am reading the manga and it def gets wild. Beyond what I was ever expecting!! @VoidX
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thanks @VoidX
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