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The moment in episode 23 or 24 where they're in the tunnel and cornered by the female titan and mikasa is about to fly out and lure her away and eren asks why they keep fighting, and mikasa says that the world is a cruel place is a moment that has stuck out in my mind because I constantly think about it. In the Manga it's even more powerful because eren replies "I know it is" which shows that he's not the naive blissfully ignorant fool you think he is. @voidx really powerful moment for me idk about anyone else.
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@gabbycalzada thanks I knew it was one of those two I figured it was thst one though
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@NikolasSatterwh yeah I know all the episodes I've watched AoT 500 times in a row
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I gotta re watch it lol it was so awesome
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@NikolasSatterwh yes it was
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