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J-Hope! Hobi! J-Horse!
Some of my favorite pictures of J-Hope πŸ’—
Some derp pictures πŸ˜‚
And some memes πŸ‘πŸ»
When I first got into BTS, V was my bias. Nothing could break my love for that alien (I still love him don't get me wrong). One day I was listening to dead leaves and I heard V sing and I was like OMG V YOU BETTER SLAY (insert more fangirling) then J-Hope started rapping and I froze right in my spot. Something about his voice, the passion the way he spoke those words in a way I could never hear anyone else rap. Yes I do think Suga and J-Hope rap in the same way because they rap in Satoori, but something about J-Hope's voice just drew me to him like a magnet. I started paying more attention to him, my eyes would go straight to him every time I watched a Bangtan bomb and other videos, I was starting to rearrange my bias list. The thing that draws me to people is their passion. I have a strong passion for writing so I love the way people read aloud their pieces of writing. Same with music, I find that what draws me to J-Hope is his passion and dedication when he raps, he takes it seriously and I can visualize him every time he raps when I can't see him. Not to mention that he is extremely attractive (along with everyone else in the band). I love the little mole on his upper lip, how when he laughs he will cover his mouth with his hand, how his eyes get small when he laughs, his beautiful teeth and how they sparkle when they show, his eyes are the perfect shade of brown and complement his brown hair, his selcas never fail to kill me, and don't get me started on him wearing glasses... I could go on and on about this guy but I should stop now. ❀️❀️ Thank you for whoever read this long paragraph πŸ˜‚
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Hoseok :) he's great.