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Well everyone... This is the funniest picture I have in my photo album. There are some other good ones, but the backstory to this one is the best. My brother and I were watching Soul Eater when this scene popped up. We both started laughing our asses off so I screenshot it. Now, when one of us texts the other to tell them something, anything, that we don't like or don't want to do, this picture always shows up. Like if my mom said "come on guys we need to get going to go over to *enter some random place here*" and my brother texted me to tell me that, I would just send him that picture. It also makes me laugh every time I see it, so it makes doing those icky things a little less painful. Alright! Everyone who sees this, I urge you to check out @danidee's original card on this challenge, and maybe reply with your response! Make sure to tag @danidee in it and myself too because I'd love to see everyone's funniest pictures :) Click here for @danidee's card!
@danidee yeah haha it is
@danidee hahaha
It's really perfect though. It's like the anime version of D:
LMAO I like how we both use the funniest picture on our phone as emojis.