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@danidee made this awesome challenge where u've to post the funniest pic on your phone n explain! That's the funniest pic i've got on my phone this week. Yesterday was holi(the festival of colours) and what a better pic than this to wish my hindu squad a happy holi! Holi is like the best festival ever until you have to scrape your body to get rid of that red stain lol!

Too lazy to tag anyone but whoever is reading this, do this challenge n tag me even if u don't want to :P!

festival of color, looks fun like I'm watching it in bollywood movie.. haha are you Indian? @humairaa
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@atmi no lol i just live in a multi racial country
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@humairaa oh ok,got it, sorry 😀
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LOL That's so awesome. If I went to a Holi festival, I'd want to wear some funny costume too.
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