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Older generations don't understand our struggle! We have Tinder and OkCupid and texting so how possibly can they understand!?!?
Well, you'd be surprised what the 50s and 60s can teach us about love and relationships -- even about being single.

Here are songs that I found that are so relatable they could be written in 2016!

The Wander - Dion

You would expect songs from this era to be very excited about settling down, getting a cadillac together, and making lots of babies yeah? Well, The Wander is a song about being with lots of people and traveling to lots of places. This song is relatable to the "single and loving it" crew that's alive today!

Why Do Fools Fall In Love- Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

"Falling is love is stupid!! We all want to be successful and love just pushes you back from being the best YOU!" who has heard that before/been the type to say that?
Well I have to say I was guilty, after a breakup I thought love was for suckers. This song is all about that. And it's also incredibly catchy.

Sixty Minute Man - Billy Ward and The Dominoes

We all know that guy/girl (either on television or in real life) that is ALWAYS talking about how they can "go all night." Like they have to prove the fact they have stamina in order to prove their own value as a sex partner? (I don't get it) Well, that mentality existed in the 50s and 60s -- in increments of 60 minutes of course ;)

Tell Him - The Exciters

This song I love the most. Why? Because it's all about ladies going out and expressing their feelings. You don't have to wait for the guy to make the first move, go and TELL HIM that yourself.
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Do you like these type of songs??

Frankie Lymon is always a good idea!
I am definitely The Wanderer though, heh heh heh
@sophiamor Agreed!
Hahahaha @paulisadroid for some reason I can totally see that! I'm more of the on level of the last song.