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Ok I know Redapple already does this (and she does a fantastic job) and I do not want to seem like I'm poaching her ideas, but as a huge comic fan and especially a Batman fan. I'm planning on doing a review of Batman Vs Superman when I see it on Tuesday. Apart from that however, I would also like to do reviews of multiple other comic book movies I've seen. DC, Marvel and others. Live action and animated. It's all fair game. Provided it doesn't seem like movie review overload.
@OctoberHymns lol don't worry. I'd like to welcome you as a reviewer and I look forward to seeing your perspectives on the movie, whether it's the same as mine or different. Everyone has a biased opinion and I'd love to see yours.
@redapple615 especially don't want to seem like I'm stepping on your toes.
I'm really excited to hear your thoughts as well!
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