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DramaFever added 10 more guys, and I was surprised to see Park Shi Hoo on the list. I did not realize he was in his mid to late 30s. Who agrees that it's probably time for Oppa to settle down? Happy to see Jang Hyuk and Song Seung Hun included this go around. Who would you still add? Uhm Tae Woong Ji Jin Hee Jung Woo Sung Oh Ji Ho Ji Sung Jang Hyuk Song Seung Hun Park Shi Hoo Kim Joo Hyuk Cha Seung Won
Lets get married Song Seung Heoon oppa...!!!!XD
@ErwinaGabriel yup he looks a lot younger he,perform the young guy roll soo well in Big eventhgh the show was a complete dissapointment but his acting was superb and,he was really cute I missz him he,needs to do more shows DEF smthing btr then big lols :-) <3
@saharjalpari9, oh yeahhhh super Hot!! who would say he's above 35??
@ErwinaGabriel lol yeah I was gnna say dat 2 I was like wait did she 4get the hottest one Gong Yoo oppa he IS SOO hot I love Gong Yoo oppa ;-) <3
gong yoo should be on the list too! ;)
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