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Italy is set to pass a law that would make is SO much easier for restraints, bars, and supermarkets to donate their food. France fines supermarkets found wasting food. But Italy is doing a different tactic.
They want to give businesses incentives, like tax breaks after declaring their donated food. It's a more of a convent process. Instead of declaring your donations ahead of time, Italy wants to make it a recheck process AFTER the donation, so it's faster to move the food from the place to the person in need.
Food that would probably be going to waste given to people who are hungry? Sounds like a perfect solution if you ask me.

Why aren't we doing this in the U.S.??

Isn't it @shannonl5?? I think even more European countries are working on a plan like this too.
@nicolejb it would be great to see that for sure! Maybe the states can learn from them and take what works!
this is a great idea!