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The set was closed for the rest of the day. Schedules were checked and the afternoon shoots rescheduled. Junho took you home to veg out in front of the TV. Halfway through the movie, you sent him up to his studio to work. If you are going to stay and have this relationship work; he needs to know that you don’t require his presence 24/7.
He’s been making the meals; taking care of you since you met him. It’s time for you to step up and do your part in this relationship. You look up a recipe online and decide on Skillet Chicken Bulgogi. Checking the fridge you find all the ingredients you need, even additional veggies you can slice up and add. You start the rice cooker, slice up the veggies, and head back in to finish your movie.
About 30 minutes before the two of you would normally get back from the set, you check the rice and start dinner. You’ve set the table and are stirring the veggies when an arm snakes around your waist and a pair of chopsticks appear over your pan. A veggie is successfully snitched from the pan as you try to swat it away.
“Mm, delicious. My woman cooks? Why have I been doing it all?”
You turn in his arms and tweak his nose, “Because you never asked.”
He tilts his head to think about it, “You’re right, stupid me. I dub you chef from now on.”
“Oh; really? Does that mean you're ‘official bottle washer’?”
“I’d prefer ‘official woman washer’,” he says with a wink.
You pat him on the chest, “How about both?” and you turn back to your frying pan.
He leans over laughing and snatches another veggie, “Fine.”
As he heads back up the stairs you holler, “20 minutes!” He waves acknowledgement as he passes the cats coming down.
Johnny and Wollie come in and stretch up against the cabinets to try and see what you are doing at the stove.
“You two are as bad as your daddy,” you laugh and reach over for cat treats.
After dinner you settle into the chair in his studio with a notepad. If you’re staying you need to figure out what to do with all of your belongings in the states. You could just have everything boxed and moved to storage but you’d rather have some of your things around you. After lists and contacts are all prepared you just sit and listen to him compose on his computer. When you start to doze you get up and wrap your arms around his shoulders.
“I’m heading to bed,” you tell him as you kiss the top of his head.
He turns and grabs you before you escape. “That’s not a proper goodnight kiss.” You willingly comply but pull back before it gets heated.
“Get back to work,” you admonish with a smile.
“I’ll work later,” he asserts as he throws you over his shoulder and heads for the bedroom.
One the way to the set the next morning he pulls your hand over for a kiss. Even though you haven’t been together long, you’ve recognized this as a preparation. When he’s going to ask you something or tell you something, he always kisses your hand first. It's almost like a security blanket; confirming to himself that you are right there with him.
“Production wraps up at the end of next week,” he begins.
“Yep, I turned my notice in yesterday. The director said with everything going on, he’s going to accept it as a 2 week notice even though it will only be 8 days.”
He nods, “He’s a good guy. Have you decided what you want to do? You don’t have to keep working, I can provide well enough for both of us.”
You smile at his thoughtfulness, “I’d go stir crazy, but thank you for the offer.”
He smiles and you can tell there is still something he wants to ask. “What if we took a little trip after production ends? We don’t have a long break but enough to head somewhere for the weekend. My family wants to meet you.”
And there it is; what he’s so nervous about. “I wondered when your mother would ask. It isn’t like you can keep us a secret now that our pictures have been given to the world.”
He looks over at you with a laugh, “She’s known about you since the day we met. I called her that night.”
“What?” You forget that he says he fell in love with you at first sight. You thought he’d been just saying, he was attracted from day one and that attraction grew.
He pulls into the parking lot, shuts off the car and turns toward you. “When I found you, I couldn’t keep it from my mom. She always told me that I’d know when I finally met you; and I did. She’s been really worried about you with the whole mess going on, she texts me at least once a day to make sure you’re okay.”
“Wow, my mom doesn’t even check in with me that often. She’s happy with a once a week call.”
“Does your mom know about everything that’s been happening?”
You look down in shame; “She knows about you,” you look back up smiling. “I figured that was the most important.”
He leans over and kisses your nose, “I’ll accept that. I don’t like it, but I’ll accept it. So, weekend at my parents next week?”
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