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Hey Gamers!

I grew up playing video games in one capacity or another, like I'm sure many of you all have. Across a bunch of different platforms and ages and genres - it didn't really matter as long as it caught my eye.
I see all these hashtags on instagram and twitter, like #growingupugly or #growingupbroke so I made the next logical leap and decided to make this card with this new hashtag that I haven't seen a lot of, #growingupgaming.

Some things, kids nowadays won't even remember. What do you remember most about #growingupgaming?

Personally I remember all the times I would wait until my parents were asleep so I could bust out the gameboy, or sneak off to play Warcraft on the family computer. Lots of sleepless nights sneaking around trying to get a fix in. Now I just do it unabashedly. Some of the charm is lost, I think.
I think the reason why kids today won't remember it like we do is that it's so big and there's so many games and platforms, that it seems like part of everyday life. For us, growing up while everything was developing, we remember when that groundbreaking game came out, and when we were so excited for our parents to get them for us and play it. We weren't bogged down by all this "common core" homework like kids are today, so we got to binge, when our parents let us, or when the one tv we had was available. My favorite memories of gaming while growing up is playing with family. Super Mario, Mario Kart, Kirby, Tetris, and many more. These days, kids are playing shooting games and other games that their parents aren't interested in, so they don't do a lot of family gaming. My daughter will get the chance to play all the old school games as she grows up, and hopefully she'll have appreciation for where today's games came from.
I had to play pokemon sapphire under my cover so the light wouldnt show if they check up on me and it would be so hot under there but I would rough it out just to play and then I would poke my head out to get fresh air cause the cover was thick . I didnt like going to bed .. Some things don't change.
I remember when my cousins came around and I had do split screen and one of them would purposely push me to cause me to mess up my game. I remember when I sweared I would never play Doom or Duke Nukun again I remember getting stuck on a part of this game called phantasmagoria and Audrey aways got her head chopped off in the guillotine. Yup, me in 1995 lol.
remember when you connected Gameboy to the GameCube and it was the craziest mind blowing thing ever
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