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Hey Gamers!

I grew up playing video games in one capacity or another, like I'm sure many of you all have. Across a bunch of different platforms and ages and genres - it didn't really matter as long as it caught my eye.
I see all these hashtags on instagram and twitter, like #growingupugly or #growingupbroke so I made the next logical leap and decided to make this card with this new hashtag that I haven't seen a lot of, #growingupgaming.

Some things, kids nowadays won't even remember. What do you remember most about #growingupgaming?

Personally I remember all the times I would wait until my parents were asleep so I could bust out the gameboy, or sneak off to play Warcraft on the family computer. Lots of sleepless nights sneaking around trying to get a fix in. Now I just do it unabashedly. Some of the charm is lost, I think.
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Omg lmao yea that was also rough
These have to be the most accurate comments of my life hahaha
I started on a colecovision, then apple 2e. I'm 40 now and still gaming. just not as much as I used to.
@microd45 a gamer will always game, even if it's less than before. respect.
I remember that I had one of those old gameboys when I was like 5 years old and I made my older brother buy me a light thing that would illuminate the screen XD. And I remember that I used to LOVE playing Yoshi's Island (where baby Mario was supposed to save Luigi because he was kidnapped). I also loved playing Donkey Kong and I also really liked playing on the GameCube and I used to fight with my brother over the control because we only had one 馃槄 but I also liked to fight over video games with my brother. Then I was SUPER happy when I got my first Gameboy Advanced 馃榿 but then when the DS came out I literally did my best to save up money and I was competing against my brother. Ah the happiness 馃槍 I still compete with my brother XD