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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised

Running. Fast paced and as if your life depended on it, which it kind of did. Running was all you were good at. Running from life and more importantly death. He stalked you; toying, taunting, twisting your life around. So you ran, to every corner of every city. Across every continent and every ocean. You were so desperate to get away because the only thing worse than dying was death himself. Your feet snapped sticks, crushed leaves, pounded on the ground. Your chest ached, tight and out of breath. Your legs burned, muscles on the verge on giving up, on collapsing. The setting sun created shadows that we're ever growing and creating more places for him to hide. You thought you were safe here. Growing comfortable and relaxed in the small town. It had been quiet for almost a year. No sighting of him, no strange occurrences, just for once it was normal. Life seemed to be, at the very least, normal for the first time since childhood. What an stupid move. What a stupid, stupid move it was to believe that for even a moment, he had given up on you. Life was beginning to settle down, you were beginning to settle down. That man, Endre, had made you so comfortable here. You loved him and then he came back. Endre didn't deserve it, he didn't deserve to die. Not so early in life should his have been cut short. He was innocent, he should have never have been there, never been involved. Now he was gone, he was dead and all because of you. "You can't run forever." His voice was everywhere and yet no where. It echoed in the woods and inside your head. "You'll never escape me." His voice was deep, a booming echo in your ear. He was there, right there. You tripped, toes catching a stump and you tumbled. It was like smacking concrete, the nearly frozen ground giving no reprieve. Whatever breath you had was gone. "Please...no." You managed to whimper out a small plea. "Oh, I'm not taking you today. No, today we're going to play." He was there looming over you, a wicked grin across his face. You screamed out, the searing pain of his touch on your arm was to much. It was like lava and ice at the same time, freezing your bones and boiling your skin. He was Death by Disease. "You're my beautiful play thing and I'm feeling destructive." "TaeHyung." He dropped you, the new voice was your saviour.
One word. Dammmmmmnnnnnnnn!!!!!
I love this! ❤
love it!
Well that was intense! please continue!
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