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Looking at him he seemed so peaceful laying there under the white blanket. This room didn’t smell as steril as the rest of the hospital. Jimin was in the suicide watch wing visiting Hobi. After they rushed Hoseok to the hospital they had pumped his stomach and stuck him here. The rules here were very stricked and it took half a week of paperwork and screanings to be able to see him. Standing there Jimin just looked down at him unsure if he should wake him. He rubbed the back of his neck thinking of what to say when the other’s eyes opened from their sleep.
“Oh Jimin-ah.” He seemed surprised and very rightly so. Jimin had just been standing in his room for almost five minutes just looking at him.
“Hey there. Glad to see you look okay. How do you feel?”
“I’m still sad but that can’t really be helped. I still miss her so much.” Jimin moved closer sitting on the edge of the bed. He grabbed Hobi’s hand as he leaned down to talk lower with him.
“Don’t tell any of the nurses but after I heard you were in the hospital I tried to drown myself in the tub.”
“Sorry. Why would you do that? I know we are your friends but you didn’t love her.”
“I did love her to an extent but more than anything she died before we could really fix things. Then I heard you had over dosed and I couldn’t stand loosing a third friend.”
“Jin isn’t dead though.”
“He might as well be and you know it. The only reason he hasn’t been taken off life support is because of Namjoon.”
“I still want to think there is hope for him. What made you stop from killing yourself?”
“I saw Nabi.”
“You saw her too?”
“I thought she was calling me to her then I realized she was trying to pull me out of the water so I sat up. Wait what do you mean too?”
“Just before I passed out on the bridge I thought I saw her standing a little ways away. I reached out for her but tripped. Someone was screaming but I heard her clear as day whispering in my ear. She was calling my name.” Hobi sat up pulling his hand out of Jimin’s before placing it on his shoulder.
“I think she wants us to keep living. We are being so stupid with our thoughts of joining her. What kind of friends are we.”
“You’re right. We should keep living because she can’t. We will live for her.”
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Finally some sense in all this tragedy.
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