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You sleep through most of the nurses poking and prodding through the night. You wake up to hear voices and recognize only Joon-woo’s. As you open your eyes you see a very pretty little nurse attempting to flirt with him. He looks over, and seeing your eyes open redirects her attention to her patient. “Well, who said you died?” he tries to joke but you just stare at him. “Too early, huh?” You look away to watch what the nurse is doing. When she leaves the room he gets up and comes over to sit on the side of your bed. He takes your hand and moves your face over to him. “You scared the hell out of me last night, squirt. Seriously, don't ever do that again. Who knew someone so small could be so fierce? Remind me not to be around if you get angry with me.” He’s trying to lighten the mood but his jokes and smiles fail. “I need to tell the boss what’s going on. He may be out of the country now but he needs to know it’s all over.” There’s a knock on the door and the police from last night walk in. "Is she up to giving a statement?” There are no words in your head, just emotions. Emotions that seem stuck, frozen in place for fear of the riptide releasing them will bring. Your whole world has just imploded; the only control you feel you have left is over showing your emotions. “I’m not sure, she hasn’t spoken.” He looks over at the police officers, “Did you find her file?” “Yes. Between that and her phone we should have everything we need. Her statement will just solidify the case but we can hold him over for trial on what we already have. We also have the security camera footage of him entering the building, and standing over her in the break room”. A shiver runs through your body at their words. “We have everything until the lights were turned off. We’ll need her statement for that.” His partner chimes in, “That’s the part I want to see. She did some major damage; we're all proud of her. We usually find it the other way around.” When the cops leave you still have the shakes. Silent tears have begun to run down your cheeks and you just let them be. You just don’t care anymore. When Joon-woo looks down and sees your tears he pulls you up into his arms. “That’s it squirt, let it out. You can’t keep it all in there; let it out.” Your crying jag leaves you weak and tired. You fall asleep within minutes of Joon-woo laying you back on your pillow. The next time you wake up the sun is low in the sky and you look worriedly at the clock. Joon-woo is shocked at you asking for your purse and his phone. He hands them over without a word but with a concerned look on his face. You find your note from before and quickly send a text message. Within minutes one is returned, and then another. You nod at the message, delete them, and hand him his phone back. “What are you up to squirt?” You ignore his question as the doctor comes in to check on you. He decides you can be released and sends you home in Joon-woo’s care. With your jacket covering the tears in your shirt; you make Joon-woo stop at a department store on your way back to your office. You carry the new suitcase into the empty Saturday office and begin packing it with the clothes from your bottom drawer. You leave the last outfit out to change into; you can’t fly in torn clothing. “About that,” he points to your packing, “so you’ve been planning this?” You stop and stare straight at him; “Sure. I planned on being told by someone I care about that I'm one of his regrets. I also planned to be attacked in my office." You sigh wearily, "Actually it was my in case I need to escape route. I was hoping not to use it. I guess I'm still escaping; just from someone different than I expected.” You slam the lid closed and start collecting your items from around the office. “Will you at least tell me where you’re going?” “Why? Your job is over.” You walk over and give him a hug, “I do thank you and Do-yun for everything you’ve done for me. If you hadn’t shown up last night; well, I’m not sure what I would have done to him.” You grab the extra clothes and excuse yourself to the ladies room. When you return he has everything waiting by your office door. As you pass the crime scene tape on the breakroom door, you give another involuntary shiver. The faster you get away from South Korea and all its memories, the better.
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For some reason I hear my heart shattering and I feel like crying.....time to find the ice cream and tissues.....