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8 Platano Recipes You Should Try

There are quite a few ways you can use platanos. With platanos, or plantains, you can have them sweet or salty - either way, they are delicious. Try out these 8 easy recipes using platanos.

1 - Plátanos Calados (Plantains with Brown Sugar Syrup)

2 - Mangu

3 - Grilled Platanos

4 - Vegan Mofongo

5 - Arañitas

6 - Vegetarian Pastelon

7 - Fried Platanos with Cheese

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8 - Tostones

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@TechAtHeart ahh I nave never had that!!!! Do you use ripe plantains?
a year ago·Reply
@Lizzeh yess!!!! The grilled ones are perfect for the summer too
a year ago·Reply
@donmarques6 do itt :)
a year ago·Reply
pisang goreng 😁
a year ago·Reply
@alywoah yes ripe plantains :)
a year ago·Reply