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Rap Monster is the leader and a rapper in BTS
Real name: Kim Nam Joon
Birthday: September 12, 1994
Height: 181 cm (5'11)
– He taught himself English
– His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is a 9 or 9.5
– He was born in Ilsan
– He has one younger sister
– If he was a girl, he said he would date J-Hope because he is like the mother at the dorm
– He loves his computer, but he also loves books just as much
– Clothes matter to him
– His idols are Kanye West and A$AP Rocky
– Has been a trainee for more than three years
– His ideal type is someone with a refreshing voice, is tall but proportionate to his own height, has a fair, pale complexion, dresses simply, and would look good in just a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and some red Converse shoes
– His favorite foods are meat and Korean knife noodles
– Is the messiest member
– Openly supports gay rights
– He likes the number 1 because he likes being the best
– Clear weather is the best weather
– In ten years he wants to be an international, famous, rich rapper
– Black is his favorite color
– Contrary to his hardcore image, he is cute and playful in reality, as stated by Jimin
– Has a weird habit of rolling his shoulders back to loosen them up before singing or performing, or just in general
– Studied in New Zealand prior to debuting and can speak English (and when he does, fans say it sounds like he has an Australian accent or somewhat of a ghetto twang)
– Has said that as a group, BTS likes to watch the anime Shingeki No Kyojin together
Namjoonie Poo! Oi, his eyes, nose, lips... and those DIMPLES!!! This is a perfect reminder of why he's my bias wrecker. He's too adorable. Who told him he could be that cute?
O~M~G~ He is SO cute. Like a puppy! I want to keep him in my pocket and have him rap to me and smile to make me feel better throughout my day. (I don't know who my bias in BTS anymore.)
I love his raps and those dimples are gonna kill me one day 💙💙💙
Thia is why he is my bias from the group! ❤💚💜💙💛
Aigoooo my Baby so handsome 😍😍😍
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