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Rap Monster is the leader and a rapper in BTS
Real name: Kim Nam Joon
Birthday: September 12, 1994
Height: 181 cm (5'11)
– He taught himself English
– His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is a 9 or 9.5
– He was born in Ilsan
– He has one younger sister
– If he was a girl, he said he would date J-Hope because he is like the mother at the dorm
– He loves his computer, but he also loves books just as much
– Clothes matter to him
– His idols are Kanye West and A$AP Rocky
– Has been a trainee for more than three years
– His ideal type is someone with a refreshing voice, is tall but proportionate to his own height, has a fair, pale complexion, dresses simply, and would look good in just a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and some red Converse shoes
– His favorite foods are meat and Korean knife noodles
– Is the messiest member
– Openly supports gay rights
– He likes the number 1 because he likes being the best
– Clear weather is the best weather
– In ten years he wants to be an international, famous, rich rapper
– Black is his favorite color
– Contrary to his hardcore image, he is cute and playful in reality, as stated by Jimin
– Has a weird habit of rolling his shoulders back to loosen them up before singing or performing, or just in general
– Studied in New Zealand prior to debuting and can speak English (and when he does, fans say it sounds like he has an Australian accent or somewhat of a ghetto twang)
– Has said that as a group, BTS likes to watch the anime Shingeki No Kyojin together
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So. Cute. 💕
He's sooo handsome 😩😍 & will he accept potatoes as his gf?! I have red converse!
Aigoooo my Baby so handsome 😍😍😍
Thia is why he is my bias from the group! ❤💚💜💙💛
Namjoonie Poo! Oi, his eyes, nose, lips... and those DIMPLES!!! This is a perfect reminder of why he's my bias wrecker. He's too adorable. Who told him he could be that cute?