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Guys it's time for..... a B.A.P picture spam!
Lets start with the handsome, deep voiced leader , Bang Yongguk!
Now the amazing and adorable dancer , Moon Jongup!
Amazing and strong vocal, Yoo Youngjae!
The handsome and amazingly talented, Kim Himchan!
The honey-voiced vocal, Jung Daehyun!
I cannot add anymore pictures to this card so their will be a part 2 yay!!
@MaeLyn Daehyun is looking good!! ;)
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@HayleyEastman You should probs do a VIXX spam soon!!
2 years ago·Reply
@ChaErica I plan on! I'll make sure to include some extra pictures of Hackyeon!
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@ChaErica @HayleyEastman *quiet sobbing* why must you do this to me?
2 years ago·Reply
@ChaErica @HayleyEastman *casually saves every picture of Daehyun* for research..
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