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Everyone handles losing differently.
Some internalize their anger and focus their energy into practice time. Some take it out on their next opponent. Some get upset and let out harsh comments in post game interviews.
Taj Gibson is clearly working on finding an adequate way to express himself after losses. Yesterday he went off on in a post game press conference in the media.
“Hell yeah, I’m embarrassed,” Gibson said after the Bulls’ 106-94 defeat. “I take pride in wearing this jersey. I love wearing the Bulls jersey. Especially what we’ve been through, I take pride in playing for Chicago. When I wear that jersey, I try to go out there and play my heart out. And it’s frustrating when we come up short, and we look at ourselves, we’re losing to … I don’t want to criticize any[body], [but] trash teams. Everybody’s in the NBA for a reason, but we’re playing against teams that are not playing for anything, and we’re just laying down. It feels like now we’re a target. It feels like teams are not taking us serious.
At the moment, the Bulls are 1.5 games out of the last playoff spot with 11 games left. Considering the Bulls were considered one of the few teams that could possibly beat the Cavs this year, they have performed well below expectations.
He's clearly frustrated, but it's odd for him to call teams trash when they are beating your own team on a regular basis. I know he's trying to motivate the guys, but he probably has to find a better way to do it.

Was Taj Gibson out of line for his "trash team" comment?

Hmm I think it worked well when Jimmy Butler said something similar a few months back.....but maybe saying "trash teams" was not the best choice of words
Well the Bulls are a trash team too....awks!