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J-Hope is a rapper and dancer in BTS
Real name: Jung Ho Seok
Birthday: February 18, 1994
Height: 177 cm (5'9)
– He was born in Gwangju
– He has one older sister
– Is a former JYP trainee, and was featured in 2AM’s Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One” promotions
– Trained for three years under Big Hit Entertainment alongside Suga
– He has a soft spot for dogs, especially small ones and puppies
– He likes anything that is green, shoes, and any Apple product
– Dislikes hitting his head, not being paid back when lending money to others, and anything to do with ginger (it makes him puke)
-His favorite number is seven because he thinks it is lucky
– His favorite season is Spring
– Claims himself to be in charge of providing hope for the group
– He loves to eat like a king, and he loves traditional Korean dishes like kimchi
– He takes good care of his clothes and skin, but not as much as his legos
– His ideal type is a girl who loves him for him, is good at cooking, and who thinks a lot about the small things
– His role models are A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Beenzino and G-Dragon
– In ten years he wants to continue being J-Hope of the then internationally famous world-star group Bangtan. And he wants to be in the army.
– He has a weird habit of sleeping with both his arms raised above his head when laying down
– If he had no other skills, he knows he’ll at least be good at dancing comcially to entertain others
– Loves to tease Jimin, the member who he also says is the member who’s most similar to himself
– His favorite features are his nose, his bright charm, his positive personality, his hope, and his special aegyo
– Jimin says that “he loves teasing his dongsaengs and has the brightest personality, but occasionally has unexpected timid sides to himself”
– He ranks his looks “100 out of 100”
– Is semi-obsessed with the idea of being a god or a king
I love when he show off his leg...
im 1 1/2 shorter than him
Yay yay yay! Hobi was my original BTS bias before I even knew I had one.