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Sorry it was later than I expected. This is the last chapter hope you like it and it's also the longest chapter I've ever written. I take any kind of criticism, bad or good, so if you don't like or if you do like it tell me.
3 hours later..... The rest of the boys walked into the dorm and they didn't see JB or Junior anywhere so they started to look around the dorm and BamBam opens the door to the room JB and Junior was in and just stood there in shock until the other boys asked what was wrong and walked over there to see what BamBam was looking at. JB opened his eyes slightly and pulled Junior closer to him. His eyes shot back open and saw that everyone was looking at them. Junior wake up we've been caught, JB said as he shook Junior. Junior rolled over and buried his head into JB's chest. Junior I'm serious, we've been caught, JB repeated. Junior sat up slowly thinking JB was still joking so he played along until he opened his eyes and saw everyone looking at them. I told you, JB said. Junior jumped out of the bed forgetting that he was naked. Junior cover up! Mark yelled causing Junior to blush as he looked down and finally realized he was still naked. Both of to the living room but get dressed first, Youngjae said as everyone walked away. They looked angry, Junior said with worry. I'm sure they're not that angry, JB hesitated. After they got dressed they slowly walked out of the bedroom afraid that they would get nine types of hell for this. Mark and Jackson somehow snuck into their bedroom without anyone noticing and JB and Junior sat on the couch. Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeum all started to yell at the same time. Go ahead hyung, BamBam said to Youngjae. First off, why didn't you tell us? Youngjae questioned. We thought you would be mad, Junior said with an innocent look on his face. The only reason I'm mad right now is because you kept it a secret from us, Youngjae said with an angry tone. Sorry, JB and Junior said in unison as they looked down. In our defense we were planning on telling you, JB said. When were you gonna tell us? Youngjae asked. JB and Junior looked at each other trying to get the other one to answer. We didn't know when we were gonna tell you, Junior said. Sure you didn't, Youngjae said. Yeah what he said, BamBam said as they all walked away. Mark? Jackson? Where are you? I know you had to have known about this, Youngjae said. Mark and Jackson come out of their to with their hands in the air to surrender. We haven't known that long, Jackson said. How long? Youngjae asked. Um about two weeks, Mark said quietly. How long! Youngjae said in surprise. Two weeks, Mark repeated. Hyungs, why didn't you tell us? Yugyeum said looking back at JB and Junior with disappointment. To be honest we thought you wouldn't approve, Junior said. We approve of Mark and Jackson. Why wouldn't we approve of you two? Yugyeum asked. He does have a point, JB whispered to Junior. I know! Junior said. To be honest hyung we thought it was gonna happen a long time ago, Yugyeum whispered to them. Youngjae overheard what Yugyeum said to them and decided to say something to them. It's true but we were hoping when it happened you two would actually tell us and not keep it a secret, Youngjae said with disappointment. Sorry, JB and Junior said with their heads down. Okay enough with the arguments. How about we eat some food, Jackson said. After everyone got done eating they went to their bedroom except JB, he went to go take a shower. Junior just got finished putting the dishes up as he passed JB before he went into the bathroom. JB grabs Junior by the arm and drags him into the bathroom with him. What are you doing? Junior asked. I want to take a shower with you, JB said. I want to go to bed though, Junior replied. Please, JB said with puppy dog eyes. Fine, Junior said with defeat. JB and Junior got in the shower. JB gave Junior a few minutes to think he wasn't going to do anything. After Junior soaked his hair and was fully wet from the shower JB pushes Junior against the shower wall and kissed Junior but it was anything but gentle. Junior moaned from the rough kiss. JB backed up to let both of them breathe then JB grabbed Junior by the waste and pulled him in making their members hit each other causing them both to groan. JB took his hand and slowly started to rub Juniors member making him moan. JB started to kiss Juniors neck leaving love bites all of over it and trailing it down to his collarbone and his chest and eventually down to his stomach. Junior knew from what JB was doing to him that he wouldn't be able to wear regular shirts for the next few days. JB grabbed ahold of Juniors hips as he slowly starts to suck on his member causing Junior to start panting as he grabbed onto JB's hair. JB how can you be so good at this? Junior asked in between moans. JB quit and looked up at Junior bringing their lips back together and then pulled away. It's simple. It's because I love you, JB said as he connected their lips again. This kiss was filled with nothing but love causing Junior to pull JB even closer to him to give it more passion. I was hoping to just take a nice shower with you but you made me want more, Junior said as he wrapped his legs around JB's waist. Then let's do this thing JB said as he stuck his member into Junior causing Junior to arch his back and throw his head backwards. JB started to thrust into Junior. JB held onto Junior with one hand on Junior's back and the other hand on Junior's thigh trying to hold Junior up so he would fall but Junior was holding onto JB just as tight. With JB's head buried into Junior's chest and with Junior's legs still wrapped around JB as tight as possible Junior tries to help JB so he wouldn't be doing all the work. JB accidentally pushed Junior against the shower wall to hard from his thrusting it caused Junior to make moan. JB kept one hand on Junior to keep him up and one hand on the wall to give him better support. Juniors body began to twitch as he came closer to his climax. JB noticed this and pulled out because he didn't want Junior to cum just yet. JB turned off the shower and dragged Junior into the livingroom and pushed him on the couch. What if we get caught? Junior asked. They're all asleep. We'll be fine, JB said as he climbed on top of Junior. Okay, Junior said as JB stuck his member back into him causing him to moan louder than expected. JB started to thrust even harder than in the shower causing Junior to pant even more. Junior tried to grab onto anything he could from all the pleasure JB was sending through his body. JB leaned in and started to kiss on the lips as he continued to thrust. Harder, Junior begged. If you wish, JB said as he started to thrust into Junior harder than ever before causing Junior to moan out JB's name repeatedly. Junior grabbed onto JB's back pulling him closer leaving scratches all over his back. JB grabbed onto Junior's hips and thrusted hard a few more times before both of them reached their climax. JB stayed there for a few more minutes before pulling back out. I'm worn out, JB said as he pulled out and laid next to Junior. That was a hell of a lot better than earlier, Junior said. We need to make sure they never find out about the kitchen or this poor couch, JB said out of breath. At least we burned a lot of calories, Junior laughed. Should we take and actual shower now or just lay here and cuddle for a little bit? JB asked. Let's cuddle and besides I can't really move that much right now, Junior said as they both laughed. Today has been a crazy day, JB said as he kissed Junior forehead. You got that right. First we destroyed the kitchen and then we got caught and then we end up doing it again after we got caught, Junior said. Now that you say it, it kind of makes me feel like we're daredevil's and we don't give a shit if we get caught again, JB said jokingly. Well if they caught us on the couch naked then they would freak out again and then burn the couch, Junior said as they both laughed. I love you, JB said seriously. I love me too, Junior joked. I'm serious, JB said trying not to laugh at what Junior said. I know you are and besides I love you more, Junior said with a smirk as he got up off the couch. Is that so? JB asked. Yes! Junior said as he started to walk away all weird. Before Junior could think JB pulled him in and kissed him gently but passionately and hugged him as he repeated that he loved him in this ear. Junior hugged JB back and whispered it back to him.
aaaw.. that was so Nice..I loved it.. ❤❤❤
Thanks. I tried to end it as cute as I could. @MelissaGarza @luna1171
I loved this story. I'm sad that it has ended, but happy on how it ended.