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Chapter 14 ~ Frost


16 years latter....

I stepped out of my job. The weather was below freezing and I had a long way to walk home. I rubbed my hands together and hovered them over my mouth as I blew out hot air on my finger tips before putting them in my pockets. I sniffed my nose and looked both ways before I started my way home. I passed a light post that was flickering. I looked up at it and felt a shiver go through my spine. It wasn't the one you get went your cold. It was the one you get when you feel like someone or something is watching you. I looked over my shoulder to see a silhouette trying to blend through the darkness of the ally. I shook the feeling off and went on about my business even if my gut and mind was telling me to get the heck out of there but I didn't. I started walking again and felt the person was right back on my tail again but I just ignored it. My phone buzzed, I took out my phone and saw it was my mom asking if I was on my way home. I stopped to reply to her but when I looked up, I saw a man in front of me. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here" I apologized and stepped to the side so I can get by. But when I did, the guy also stepped in the same direction as I did. I looked over my shoulder to see the guy who was following me was now two steps away from me. "Look guys, I'm sure whatever you want I don't have it, so can I just go?" I asked but the guy infont of me pushed me to the wall. While the guy behind me took out a knife. He raised the hand that held the knife up. I raised my arms up but not realizing that I had my hands opened. I was waiting for the impact but it never came. I opened my eyes and felt around my body to see if there were any wounds and there wasn't. I looked up with my eyes widen. Standing in front of me were two frozen ice cubes of men. I couldn't believe it so I raised my hand to knock on it. And to be exact, it was solid ice. I jumped back when the ice and the man decreased into ashes. I looked at my hands and faced the wall. I didn't believe that ice would come out of my hands. So I brought my hands up to the wall and saw the frost ice formed on the wall. I jumped back once more, but I tumble over the other frozen guy and watched him fall into ashes. My eyes widen again and I ran the rest of the way home. I rushed through the door and slammed it shut with my back against it. I was gasping for air when my Mom saw me. "Hey Sweetie?" she greeted me. I was about to greet her when the door forcefully opened and my Dad came in. "Xiumin why are you in front of the door?" he asked me "Why aren't you in front of the door, Dad?" I answered him with a question. My Mom and Dad looked at each other and back at me. "Xiumin? Sweetie, is everything okay?" my mom asked. "uhhh, yes... wait no...wait Yes I'm sure everything is okay." I said nervously. My Dad leaned forward and put his hand on my forehead. "Your not running a fever. Are you positive your okay?" My Dad asked to make sure if I really was. But knowing me on the inside I wasn't okay. "Yes, I'm fine. I'm going to my room." I told them and made a run for it. I heard my mom say that dinner will be ready soon. Once I made it to my room. I dropped my stuff on the floor and flopped onto my bed. My hands made their way to my pendent necklace that I never took off. I fiddled with it and thought back to what happened. 'Did that really happened to me?' 'Did I really have frost or ice come out of my hands?' I had a billion questions that need to be answered but I didn't know how or why this was happening to me. I sat up and ruffled my hair to get these thoughts away but it didn't help. I sighed and looked over at the glass cup on my night stand. I looked inside and saw water in it. I picked up the glass and saw the water turning into ice. I was fascinated by this that I jumped and dropped the glass cup onto the floor when I heard a knock. "Xiumin it's dinner time" My Mom called from the other side of the door. "Coming." I said and picking up the glass cup before heading down stairs where my Mom and Dad were sitting down already getting food on their plate. At first it was silent but then my Mom broke it. "Xiumin, how was school and work today?" I finished what I was chewing swallowed. "It was like usual. Teacher's talking, customer come and go." I replied. I went for my drink but couldn't get anything because it was frozen. I pouted and set it back down. "Mom, Dad is there anything unusual about me? Like I don't know me having a super power or some sort?" I asked them. My Mom dropped her fork and it made a big clank sound and my Dad choked on his food. Once my Dad was over his coughing fit and my Mom wiped her fork. They looked at each other and looked at me. "Why would you say that Sweetie?" My Mom asked. I shook my head. "Nevermind, you don't have to answer. I'm going back to my room" I said getting up from the table and making my way back to my room again. I laid back down on my bed and drifted to sleep. It was the next morning. I was showered and dress. I went down the stairs and into the kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and went to the living room to watch cartoons. I didn't suspect my parents in the living room too. I sat down and ate my cereal as I watched cartoons. "Xiumin can we talk to you about something important?" My Mom asked me. I turned off the TV and gave them my full attention. "Honey, your father and I aren't your real parents. We found you under the light post. The same one you pass every day. We also have letters from your biological mother for you to read." My Mom said as she gave me the letters. I read the one that were for my parents and then opened the other one. "Dear Minseokie, My Minseokie, My Xiumin. As you are reading this you have learned that you are adopted. I had to put you up because our planet Exo is token over by planet Xerus. You as the First Prince and my son can take back our planet with the help of your younger siblings. Keep wearing the necklace and train your powers. It will keep you safe. Find your brother Luhan in Beijing and Kris in Canada. I love you. Keep safe. Love your mom the queen. I looked at my parents. "Why didn't you tell me sooner? Why keep this until now?" I asked them. "We wanted you to be safe. We knew about your powers when you were younger but we kept it from you." My Dad said. I nod and didn't say anything else. "We will help you find your brothers but only when you turn eighteen." My Mom said as I got up to hug them. "I love you guys"