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20 years has passed, but nothing has changed: The world is still intrigued deeply over the O.J. Simpson trail case.
At the moment, FX is running a remake of the event titled the American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. The ratings and response of people to the series have been unreal.
It's clear many want to re-watch the original case. Esquire is here to cater to our needs. For those who missed the original 1995 trial, Esquire's cable channel division is bringing it back to TV.
The murder case will be condensed into a 12-hour marathon special airing April 3, Variety first reported.
The marathon will be called The Real O.J. Simpson Trial. The special will pull from archival footage of the trial to include everything from opening statements in 1994 to the ultrafamous glove test, which I posted footage from the actual case above.
I think this 12-hour special will grab incredible ratings. Will you tune in to watch parts of the real trial, or will you pass on this one?
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wow.. 20 years and people still wanted to watch this? if you don't mind, can I ask you, as American people, do you think he's guilty for murdered his wife? I only knows a little info about this case but I like to read world criminal cases & their mystery