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I looked up at SooHei and slowly stood up and backed away from him and he advanced towards me. My back hit the wall behind me when SooHei's expression changed into a look of lust. Unfortunately, I was cornered at the back wall, completely opposite of the door, but I had no other choice but to make a run for it. I made a quick glance at the door to see how I could get around him if he decided to grab me. He noticed me look at the door then gave me a sly look and quickened his pace towards me. He was already less than a meter in front of me and quickly coming towards me. I had to!
I ran to the left of him and around towards the door, almost grabbing the handle. Then I felt him grab my wrist and drag me backwards. I made the horrible mistake of looking back to him then opened my mouth to yell for help. SooHei wouldn't let that happen so he slapped his hand over my mouth then dragged me to the chair and threw me down on it. He lowered himself to my level and cocked his head to the side.
"I asked you a question and you just tried to run away. All I want is an answer." He whispered into my ear. "Do you, or do you not, have a boyfriend?" He then sat back looking at me.
"I- N-no, I d-don't. I don't have a b-boyfriend." I sat shaking in the chair when he stood up.
"There, now wasn't that simple?" He grabbed my hands and pulled me up from the chair. "I asked that to make sure you weren't playing BTS." He walked out of the office with me being half-dragged behind him. "Speaking of BTS, they probably want to go out to lunch with you." I nodded and followed him freely to their practice room. He waited until the music ceased then knocked a few times on the door. Apparently the knocking was to just announce that he was there because he opened the door without anyone saying anything.
"Hey there SooHei, new news for us or something?" Jimin asked while panting from exhaustion.
"Oh, Y/N is with him!" Namjoon looked up from his phone and walked up to SooHei.
"I suppose she is working with him." "That must be why she's with him." "Does SooHei actually have any news for us?" Some of them asked.
"I just came here to ask if you all were going to be going to lunch soon. Y/N is finished for now so she's free for lunch." SooHei bowed to them then left.
"We're pretty much done with practice for now." Hoseok said. "AH!" Everyone jumped.
"There's a new restaurant that opened up last week. We should go there for lunch." Everyone nodded in excitement then got their things and we left for said restaurant.
"Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!" Hoseok skipped towards me. "I think that you'll really like this place. It has many good things like..." He continued on with a list of the many items. I silently listened to him as we walked down the street. "Sounds amazing, doesn't it y/n?"
"Oh, yeah. It sounds like it's really nice." The boys then talked about odds and ends of things until we reached the restaurant. "Is this it?" I pointed to the sign and Hoseok
nodded. We walked into the building and saw only a few other people sitting at the tables, not taking notice to us.
"Hello there!" A waitress came up to us with a smile spread on her face. "Please follow me to your table." We were led to what I guessed was a large party table. We sat down and ordered our food then resumed our conversation. Some time later, the waitress brought our food to us and we dug into the savory food. We didn't talk except Jin and Namjoon, I don't really know what they were talking about since I was too focused on my food.
"Yah! That was so good!" Yoongi said with a smile. He grabbed a bowl of rice and began eating it plain. We later got up and paid then left for who knows where. Since none of us had a reason to hurry back, we stopped at a park and sat on a hill looking towards a primary school with children playing outside. I heard someone behind me, but thought it was just the leaves on the trees above us. Then I felt someone headlock me.
"Okay, now give me all your money or she's gonna get it!" Someone yelled behind me and I felt cool metal against my arm. I looked at the boys and they looked at me with panic. "NOW!" The boys pulled out all of their wallets and pulled out whatever they had. Another person with a mask over their face came up behind us and grabbed all of the money away from them. The new person showed the man who had me in a headlock what he collected. "Is this seriously all that you have?" The other man crouched down and looked at me in the face.
"Do you have any money?" He said. I shook my head violently. "I find that hard to believe." He grabbed the other man's arm with the knife and drew the edge of it against my arm causing it to bleed. "Looking at you now, you might actually sell for a good price. People might want something different after all those others." He made an upward motion with his finger and I was dragged upwards. The boys also got up and advanced towards them.
"Y/N!" Hoseok rushed forward and grabbed my hand.
"Y/N? That's such a beautiful name for such a pretty girl." The man that was holding me said. "You there." Hoseok was grabbed by the other man and his mouth was held shut. "You look like someone that would sell well. The women have been asking for more men recently, so you'll do well." Hoseok and I were dragged off away from the others while they were being threatened by their knife. We were dragged to an old looking building and passed to two other people also with faces covered.
"Good job today. I must say, you've been getting better at finding good looking ones and not just random people that happen to be alone." A new man came out from a room off to the side and smirked at me. "You even got a male for once and didn't get totally beat up." The man that held Hoseok earlier passed the money to the new man. "You even managed to get this much money, I'm impressed." I tried to scream through my captor's hands. "Hm? Oh, take them to the upper room."
The men pushed us up a few flights of stairs until we reached an empty room. My one hand was tied to a worn wooden post across the room from Hoseok who was the same and I was forced to sit on the floor. "For good measures, since you seem a little feisty." One of the men said. Both of the men took a baton from their belt and walked to either of us. I saw Hoseok get hit first until he blacked out then I blacked out.
Happy (early) Easter! Here's a little gift to those who get a spring break. If you want to read this story before it's released on Vingle you can read it on Wattpad <here>. There's usually not much of a gap between release date on Wattpad and Vingle but there can sometimes be a 1-2 week gap at most. Plus you can vote for the story on Wattpad and what-not. So....there's that. If you happen to have any questions, feel free to ask me in either the comments or messages. Suggestions too, I like hearing from other people since I have next to no friends (half kidding). I'm probably going to need ideas for Namjoon's part, he's not really one of my many biases, so it makes it difficult. Feedback is greatly appreciated and it makes me feel good. Mkay, bye~
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