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16 Fast Food Chains Where You Can Score Student Discounts

I could go to the gym...or eat more pizza. Pizza.

Fast food is the American Way especially if you're a college student. From the local restaurants you fumble into after a night at the bars or the random Wednesday night where you order an extra large pizza only for yourself...your bank account begins to suffer. Though most college kids complain about the prices of everything, they still can find enough pennies to pay for their Chipotle burrito. But most importantly, any student discount can help.
Below is a comprised list of 16 fast food restaurants that give you a discount if you flash your valid student ID:

*DISCLAIMER: Every student discount varies by location. Not all locations provide these discounts to students even with a valid student ID.*

1. Pizza Hut: Students love pizza which is exactly why you can get 10-20% off your next midnight snack if you can show your valid student ID.
2. Arby's: You know what taste good? Beef n' Cheddar sandwich at 2am and 10% off with your valid student ID.
3. Chipotle: There's no need to ask for a water cup to sneakily fill lemonade with it when you can show your valid student ID to get a free drink at many locations.
4. Chick-Fil-A: Feeling quenched? Chico-Fil-A will take care of that for you by giving you a free drink if you flash your valid student ID. You just have to buy something too.
5. Waffle House: If you show your valid student ID, the late night run to waffle house will be worth it because you'll get 10% off if you show it to your server.
6. Subway: You can 'Eat Fresh' with a 10% less money spent on subs, snacks, drinks if you flash your valid student ID.
7. Burger King: Eat like a King and still get 10% off showing a valid student ID.
8. Buffalo Wild Wings: It only takes one second to show your Bdubs server your valid student ID, and you could be looking at a 10% off billing price. Score!
9. Dairy Queen: This one largely depends on the local deals in your area. Ask!
10. McDonald's: A valid student ID can earn you 10% off your next meal. I'm lovin' it.
11. Papa Johns: Your pizza may be cheaper depending on where you live. Ask!
12. Qdoba: All you need is $5 thanks to Qdoba's 5 buck student burrito meals.
13. TCBY: Fro-yo goodness comes with 15% any purchase with a handy valid student ID.
14. Dunkin' Donuts: Flash that valid student while purchasing your morning coffee and you'll possibly land yourself with a cheaper price tag.
15. Firehouse Subs: If your school has a partnership, this could be your lucky day with 10% off.
16. Dominos Pizza: You may want to call instead of sending the pizza emoji, but dominos frequently has student deals. Just be on the lookout!

That's it, I need to shove my face with fast food right now.

I used the Chipotle discount all the time in college!!
who knew pizza hut would be number one and McDonald's would be number ten
it's something not a good news for young generation eating lifestyle, they being 'spoiled' with fast food since young! just my sense
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We all know that ghee or also known as clarified butter is a good-quality fat content. Because of its nutty smell and good quality fat-content, cow ghee is a popular and good quality oil. The benefits of ghee include its ability to effectively penetrate the cell walls of the body, and its ability to keep stored fats from turning into plaque, and even protecting skin cells from damage. Organic ghee is derived from organic fats and does not contain any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or additives. Here are some health benefits of ghee - 1. The main fat-soluble vitamins found in ghee include vitamin A, D, E and K. Vitamin A is needed for good vision and healthy skin. Vitamin A helps improve your immunity against infectious disease, so eat it on a regular basis. Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, two of the main vitamins that help maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin K helps maintain your immune system and helps with the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. 2. Ghee contains Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids that are more readily absorbed by the body, giving you more energy and more nutrients. Ghee made from organic butter of pastured cows is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). The saturated fats in ghee works as a filtered food. This was all a brief about what are the benefits of ghee. Ghee health benefits are wide and to experience all of them include a grass-fed ghee into your daily diet.
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Medical Science Education is a peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on the fundamental sciences of medical practice and health care. General coverage includes basic science, medical terminology, medical practice, physiology, anatomy, statistics, and research methodology. It also provides an opportunity for writers to submit their personal work and view published articles. Topics can be chosen from a variety of areas like neurobiological diagnosis, therapeutic interventions and prevention, basic sciences of medicine, and medical education. Contributors can include physicians, medical researchers, medical practitioners, educators, and others. The Journal of Medical Science Education was founded to supplement and build upon the experience and reputation of practicing medical scientists. This peer-reviewed online journal is for the use of medical science teachers, educators, and students as a source of specialized information on a variety of medical issues. Issues of special interest are discussed in this special issue. Special topics include immunology, genetics, diagnostic approaches, immunology, oncology, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, pediatrics, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, allergies, infectious diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, gastroenterology, internal medicine, pharmacology, psychology, physiology, and surgery. The focus of the journal is to enhance the knowledge of medical science teachers, medical scientists, and students. JSME JSME has been the publication of the International Association of Medical Science Education since 1958. JSME is available in most languages and is a very popular peer-reviewed Journal of the International Association of Medical Science Education. Issues of special interest are also discussed in this peer-reviewed Journal. Special issues of interest to health professions and students of medical science education are discussed in this special JSME journal. The Journal of Medical Education focuses on education in medical science. It is published by the American Association of Colleges of Medicine. Issues of special interest are introduced, reviewed, and revised periodically. This is the primary professional journal for medical students, doctors, and pharmacists and includes an online component as well. Issues of interest to nurses, physicians, and pharmacists are also included in this electronic magazine. Issues covered in the Journal of Medical Education include premedical studies, practice in clinical settings, education in medical science, yurt therapy, traditional medical college preparation, and continuing medical education. This electronic journal is also widely used as a reference and research tool in traditional medical education and continuing medical education. Students can make use of the Search function in the JME to search journals listed in the database. The search criterion is limited to the keywords" Journal of Medical Education" and "issues." JME provides an avenue for scholars in medical science education to contribute to the Journal of Medical Education as experts on specific issues or in the review of current information related to the field. Contributors can include authors of monograph articles, reviewers and editors of selected articles, book authors, and associate editors of the journal. Contributors are required to include their contact details at the end of their articles. Revising of articles and other written submissions are made possible through the Journal of Medical Education, which has offices in New York and Orlando. The JME is published by IDP, Inc., publishers of Professional Psychology: The Journal of Human Resources Management, which is a quarterly journal on human resources management. Professional journals of psychiatry, surgery, pediatrics, nursing, and other health specialties are also available in print from IDP. There are a wide variety of topics covered in the Journal of Medical Education, and peer-reviewed articles or reviews are included. Reviewing current information is one of the objectives of the Journal of Medical Education. In fact, it is one of its goals. This electronic publication serves as a helpful source for medical education professionals, educators, and students. Submissions are welcomed and accepted at all times without acknowledgment or response. The terms and conditions are laid out very clearly, so there is no confusion at all. Papers that have been previously published in the same journal will not be considered for publication in this one. Authors of monograph articles, peer-reviewed reviews, and abstracts are welcome to participate and contribute to the wide range of issues that this journal deals with.
Essential Tips for Safe travel during Coronavirus Pandemic
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