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Uncle Snoop narrating moments in the wild is by far one of the best series on television at the moment.
He's so authentic, funny and passionate about the subject matter that you are locked in from the second the segments begin. They do a great job of choosing funny and odd moments that would have anyone on the edge of their seat.
Today we got another gem, as Snoop narrated a battle in the wild between a squirrel and a snake.
Snoop cannot believe that the snake is getting all that work from a squirrel — so much so that he believes the squirrel is part of a gang.. which is a funny analogy from the Cali OG.
At the end of this, Snoop makes you question who is really on top of the food chain: the squirrel or the snake?
Enjoy the video above! Isn't this one of the funniest series on television right now?
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I love how the squirrel just keeps chomping on him lol.