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Hey guys!

So spring is in the air and I know a lot of you love bubble tea. But for many of us, including myself there are very limited places to get them and they usually cost around 6 or 7 dollars. Rather than paying and driving to get these delicious and refreshing drinks, why not make them and add your own little twist to it? Here are some of my favorite bubble tea recipes! Enjoy!
Here's the traditional!
If you love green tea as much as I do you'll love this recipe!
This yummy taro bubble smoothie is perfect for a refreshing spring drink!
For all you coffee addicts out there!
There's so many recipes out there to try. You can make each drink your own and spice it up with different ingredients. It all about letting your imagination try new things!

What your favorite Bubble Tea flavor?!

Credits to each of the YouTube beauties for giving us these great recipes!

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There's a 99 Ranch Market near me. It's like a Chinese mall... They sell good bubble tea for 5-8 dollars... I'm a coffee addict so I always get either the coffee or the mocha flavored ones, but the other flavored are REALLY good too (Shey💕)
I get mine at HMart also....and I like the sour apple and the pineapple
I love honeydew bubble milk tea!
is the recipe supposed to be there too? (🐳Sky)