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Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the days ,been busy but I am back now and I am on top of it!! So let's go
DAY 19: Favorite GOT7 Interview Okay guys so this is one of my favorite interviews because it is just so funny especially how Jackson and Juniro go back and forth about Jackson not inviting him to his house. Like Jackson why are you so mean to Eomma Junior!? To make matters worst Mark breaks in and says that Jackson invited him and everyone else....sassy Mark that's all I can say. Anyway I love these guys and they always make me laugh and smile
DAY 20: A GOT7 song that reminds me of something/someone For me I went with If You Do because it honestly reminds me of what I go through with people sometimes...if that makes sense. Like when they say So its me again...why you gotta be like this...a lot of the time i feel like that not only in my relationship but just with friendships as well because it all seems to come on me...i started it...or at least in their eyes i did...but just like the song says just forget it.
Day 21: Favorite tweet by a GOT7 member I would to say first that Im not much a Twitter person at all. I never really use it ,but went ahead and picked my favorite tweet anyway! Hope you guys don't mind! The first one is Mark because it reminded me of when him Jackson were on ASC club(when they had dyed their hair blonde) and they just kept saying Mark was so humble and they all stood up and shook his hand...idk why i remember that. All the boys are so humble.
@luna1171 bird...that's so cute
haha...I saw that tweet ..Mark last baby. .he is always tweeting ahaha . baby bird..