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Alcohol. It's everywhere.

When you're handed a beer in college, standing at a keg stand, or watching your friends pass around a bottle of vodka, you feel like you're in a movie. This is because American culture has associated the best years of your life with the most dangerous methods of having 'fun'. Underage accessibility to alcohol is extremely easy and the amount of college students sitting in class with a fake ID is higher than students without. The problem though is that everyone wants to get "hammered", "plastered", "sh*t faced", "boozed", "intoxicated", "trashed", and the list goes on and on.
"BAC- Blood Alcohol Content"
The problem with this mentality is that many college students, especially incoming freshman, or "veteran" seniors think they can drink into oblivion completely disregarding any safety measures. Over time, people build a tolerance to alcohol making it more difficult for a person to have the same amount of impairing effects from alcohol with the same amount of alcohol. This causes people to drink more because you're aiming for the same effects of alcohol. The problem is your alcohol tolerance does not change your BAC, you're still receiving the same amount of alcohol which can lead to very harmful situations where your body will shut down and you die. You are also more prone to accidentally die from puking in your sleep due to suffocation. Sexual assault is extremely common following heavy alcohol consumption. Know the facts.
Each year 1,825 college students die from alcohol related deaths between ages 18-24.
Next time you drink, know what it can do to your body. You don't want to be another kid in a headline where an entire community mourns over someone who died too young due to poor education of alcohol. Pace yourself. Drink water. Be prepared for a disastrous morning hangover. Don't overdo it. You must always be cautious.
Most importantly, you CAN have fun without alcohol.

Blood Alcohol Content Chart Effects

One 12 oz beer = one shot (one ounce of liquor) = one glass of wine (5 ounces I believe) So if you have 3 beers in one hour you should wait 3 hours to drive ( possibly 4) I have a chart based on body weight/alcohol consumption somewhere but I do know it can take 30+ to absorb into your bloodstream
Thank you so much for this! I taught an alcohol education class, and BAC is huge. I still carry my BAC card in my wallet. Though I wish we could all carry our own BAC blow calculators, I think it would be such a helpful tool to understand our bodies.
This is very true! Learning how to have fun without getting dangerously drunk is a life skill you wanna pick up early
@iixel Great info! Thank you for adding this!
@cullenquigley No problem