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The drama is called Please Come Back Mister starring Rain, Oh Yeon Seo, and Lee Min Jung. I just started watching this today because I wanted to save this week's episodes of Descendants of the Sun for the weekend and so far it's pretty interesting. The plot is basically two guys that died get an opportunity to come back to life for two months (I think?) in order to fix what went wrong as a result of their deaths, but the thing is they come back to life in different bodies and they have to keep their true identities a secret (for obvious reasons). I heard it was DOTS's competition in terms of time slots and that despite it being a good drama Please Come Back Mister wasn't doing quite as well, so I decided to watch it and make my own judgement on it. Plus Rain is in it so...
Edit: I love Rain but his character is really starting to piss me off. He's only back for a limited amount of time and yet he's still trying to get his wife to fall in love with him. It's cruel.
@JustinaNguyen yep its topp dogg ^_^
I know what you mean @JustinaNguyen I feel the same
@merryjayne13 same! I think I've set myself up for heartbreak though since I've started shipping Seung Jae and Hong Nan 😂
@JarviaKlipka It's hilarious! I knew those voices sounded familiar... I didn't know it was actually topp dogg though
I love this drama!!!!
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