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So I ordered a SnackCrate and chose Canada. So I got snacks from Canada today. I was happy to get this ^_^
They give you fun facts about Canada and a little menu of what's inside.
Look a Canadian flag sticker ^_^
and the snacks that I got. Can't wait to try this. And I wonder if I'll do this again which I probably will and hopefully get snacks from S.K ^_^ Here the link if you want to try it too. Hope you have money in your wallet ^_^ @MichelleIbarra @KaeliShearer @MsLoyalHeart @terenailyn @MeghanJorgina @Kpossible4250 @TesneemElAlami @RandomName @Stefany17 @Allyson3333 @KassyGuz96 @tiffany1922 @christianliu @EmilyPeacock @Keniaaxox @sarahdarwish @DanaMichelle @faith92 @RedChord @morhilge1441 @MelissaGarza @BetseyBleau @CLAKPOP
@MsLoyalHeart I know. I been trying some. I like the gummy peach flavor candy. I had the cream soda today and that was so good. I had almonds chocolate and a coffee crisp, the chips and smarties that are exactly like m&m's.
I know what I want now..
@JaxomB awesome ^_^
It's funny but most of what you got I can get here in Georgia.
That's so cool!!!
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