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this is for @harukachiharu hope you like it~
I've always looked at Jimin from far away and always admired him. I was given the chance to be friends. I didn't think this would ever happen... "(y/n), aren't you hungry?" Jimin asked. "uh... no. I'm fine," I said. "You sure?" he asked. "Yeah. I'm fine," I said,"I want to wait for the rest." We were waiting for the rest for study group. I had paired up with two friends. Since the rest of his friends grouped up. Jungkook and him decided to join our group. I was declared group leader because of my grades. We would plan everything out, I'd check it so that we can have the highest grade. We were the first ones to arrive at the cafe where we decided to meet up. He was sitting next to me which made me a bit nervous. I've always seen him around school. I always thought he was cute. He always smiled at me, but we never talked. I didn't we'd ever get to know each other. It's only because my friend Mina. She's the only one who knows that I like him. We talked about our hobbies and about our school. It seemed nice. We discussed about how far the year has been. It's been okay so far for both of us. "Are you sure you鈥檙e not hungry?" he asked again. "Yeah. I'm sure," I said. "Sure." He smiled. "I am. I'm fine. Really." Truth is... I'm really hungry, but I want to wait for the rest so we can eat together and then start on our project. I check my phone. Mina was going to be late because she was volunteering at the hospital and she wasn't done yet. Jungkook had vocal lessons and wasn't done either. Seol couldn't find her house key and will come as soon as she can find it. "They're going to late," I said. "All right. Let's at least eat something," he said. He got up and order food. I didn't really know what. I couldn't hear him plus I zoned out. He came back smiling. "It's something small and I think you'll really like it," he said. I smiled back. I hope so too. I'm so hungry. We then talked about ourselves and got to know each other a bit better. Thirty minutes later, Seol, Mina, and Jungkook finally arrived. Thank goodness. I was scared we'd run out of things to talk about and it would become awkward. Instead of me looking at me all the time, he was looking at me now. ~I hope you like it. Sorry that it took so long (^~^);
@kimleekwonshin lol okay I got confuzzled for a sec IT'S SO CUTE THOUGH 馃槏
"Instead of me looking at me all the time, he was looking at me now." Did you mean him?
@SugalessJams sorry~ haha. yeah. I'm still working on my writing skills
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