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The Pantone Matching System is undoubtedly the most famous color definition/measurement standard in the world. Its fascination goes right beyond the boundaries of graphic and fashion designers, architects and creatives in general, reaching a various range of objects and gadgets, such as mugs, chairs, blankets and stationery items. American Photographer Paul Octavious took it to the next level. He recently started a new project on his Instagram page, trying to match Pantone color swatches with real colors in everyday life scenes. Every image shows the Pantone swatch paired just next the actual reference, whether it is a tracksuit, a cup of coffee, a flower or a giant watermelon. This is a peculiar project destined to go viral.
@sofiamuller859 yah it is a fun project, You should start it soon as well :)
@alise : I did think the same meothd like what you said ! there is no way that you could find the color randomly fix with the color of any subject out there !
hehe this is a fun project to do
I wonder how did he chooose the same color for the pantone card? Would it simply a white card, and then he added the color to it later for matching with the subject?