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Song Won Appa POV * At the hotel after dropping Namjoon off* “ Hyung are you sure this is right? I mean it's the same place his umma worked at.” Channie asked unpacking his clothes. I asked him to stay with me as I took a break. Though he was hesitant he agreed. “ I know but maybe if I do this he will remember.” I sighed deeply as I look at the pale ceiling. It was hard to to know that your own child is in pain and stuck in this endless sadness. Not knowing how to help and fix it is the hardest part. I just hope that this decision helps him more than hurt him. “ I’m just not prepared for when he does remember, Channie. I-I …. I don't know if I can see him break again.” I felt the bed shift with weight. I looked at the cause and he motioned me to lay on his lap. I laid as his played with my hair softly. A content breath left as his warm hands touched me. “ It may hurt him for awhile but I’m sure our Joonie will get through it. You wanna know how I know?” he smiled sweetly. He surely is a beauty of a man. Catlike features with beautiful big yet slit pulled eyes curtained by long lashes. His skin a soft Ivory and his lips slightly pink. His hair was soft and brown styled in a combed back professional way yet a bit messy because of the night’s events. More things to know about this man was he was always by my side and did his best to make sure I was okay wind had what I needed. He always took care of me ever since we met back in highschool. “ how?” I asked turning my body to look up at the male. “ Because he was raised by the most amazingest and strongest man I know; you. All we can do is be there for him when the time comes.” he continued to run his hands through my hair comfortably. I looked at him in amazement though my face didn't show it. I really loved everything happening at this moment. “Himchan?” I asked for him. “ Hm?” “ You know that I find you really breathtakingly beautiful when you look at me like that?” I told him honestly. “Hyung why are you being so corny?” he chuckled. That beautiful smile made my heart stop but flutter sweetly. “ I’m serious. Everything about you amazes me.” I reached to touch his soft face. He was very warm from the touch. “ H-hyung s-stop playing with me. How can you say things like that with a straight face?” I sighed as he slightly shaken. I sat up and sat next to him. “ Why do you think I’m always playing? You’re not a toy nor am I kidding. Why can't you accept-” I was cut off by the younger abruptly laughing. “ Hyung you’re so silly.” I noticed a tear slipped his face but he quickly wiped it. I decided not to acknowledge it. “ Channie…” he looked at me. I quickly went in for the kill and kissed his lips. He hesitantly gave in and kissed back. I let go for breath looking at his flushed face. I chuckled and kiss his nose . “ I-I’m gonna go uh get some uh food…  yeah imma go to the store to get some stuff for me to cook. I-I’ll be back Hyung. “ he quickly scrambled and left. I sighed once again laying back on the bed. Namjoon POV “ How long he’s been out for?” “ For about a month now doc. There hasn't been any sign of him waking up anytime soon.” I heard voices above me. I was covered in darkness. Umma where are you? Why won't you answer me? “ Poor kid, he didn't even get to say goodbye to his Umma.” Goodbye? Umma!? Odigayo? “ Seojoon-ssi ~ are you okay?”  The dorm leader called for me. I woke up with tears staining my face again. These dreams kept haunting me over and over again. I honestly don't  understand what these dreams mean but it scares me for a strange reason. I don't know if they're memories or my mind is playing a sick game with itself. Either way I have an unsettling feeling about each one. “Are you okay?” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the male. “ A-ah I’m okay… Just a bad dream.” I said wiping the remaining tears. God, all I do is cry lately. What is wrong with me? “ Okay. I came up here to ask you if you wanted to go out with me to go shopping so I could get some food before the rest of the kids get here from their break.” he asked. “ Sure I don't mind.” he nodded and quickly left the room tripping on his way out. I chuckled to myself at his clumsiness. “ You're finally up?” I heard a person yawned next to me. My eyes widen as I noticed a bleach blonde male laying next to me. When did he get here and why is he in my bed? “ Can you see me?” he said waving his cold hands in my face.  I stared blankly at the male. He was almost human like. He didn't look deathly pale nor did he bear any scars like most ghost did but my senses says he is definitely a ghost. He must have died recently.  I quickly got out of my dorm room ignoring the dead being on my bed. “ I guess not?” he skipped behind me. “ Are we going out to play?” the male said following me to the the main dorm room lobby. “ I’m ready to go.” I walked up to the dorm leader.   “ oh my Jesus !” He jumped and grabbed his chest is shock. I chuckled and mumbled a sorry. “ Ah okay. We’re gonna go to the café on campus afterwards.” he said grabbing his wallet from his desk. I nodded “ Oh we’re going to go see that one guy you jack off to? What's his name? Oh Jaebum or something?”  I nearly choked on myself. Oh my god what is he saying? “ Are you sure you’re okay?” The dorm leader asked again. I nodded and he gave me a sad smile. “ Lets go. “ he said patting my shoulder. I followed him out the building and so did the ghost. “ What year are you in Seojoon- ssi?” the dorm leader asked. “ I’m a 3rd year and you?” I asked back. “ No fair you’re older than me! That's okay though I like guys older than me anyways.” the blonde ghost exclaimed. A gay ghost? That's a new one to add to my strangest encounters this year. “ Ah! I’m your sunbae but you can call me Jr. Hyung. ”  I nodded in response and he smiled. We finally reached the school gates and exited. “ No fair I can't leave unless you guys give me permission. Hey! Hyung I wanna go!” the ghost pouted. I kinda felt sorry for him but it might be better if he didn't follow us around. Ghost attract other ghost and that will be more of an hassle for me to keep the secret. “ Aw~ Fine I just wait at the café then!” he screamed as we walked away to the grocery store a few blocks down the street. We shopped for at least 45 minutes. Surprisingly , Jr. Hyung was actually a smart and nice guy. Though we didn't talk too much since he was busy fighting with ahjummas half of the time for half priced food. “Ya ahjumma!  I got over 7 to 8 hungry male teens to feed so back off the 50% off tuna!!” “ How dare you! I have grown men to feed now move it!” Something tells me this is gonna be a long school year. Jackson POV * at Café* “ Jin hyung~~~” I called for my only friend here on this boring earth. “ Jackson please leave me alone. I am not supposed to talk to you.” he whispered. He is the only person I know that can see and hear me but like the rest he tries to ignore me but he’s too sweet to say no to my amazing charms. “ But hyung~~ I have to tell you about this hot guy that is living in my room now!” “ Jackson later, okay? I can't have you getting me fired again.” he sighed. I nodded understandingly. I did kinda got him fired….. From like 4 jobs but hey it wasn't fully my fault! Those creepy ghost kept following me and he got all scared making people think he was crazy. “ Fine, but when is Jaebum hyung coming?” “ He’s here but please don't bother him.” he said with a cute pout. “ Fine pink princess. “ I chuckled and sat on the counter watching Jin hyung work. Gawd, it was so boring seeing the same annoying people everyday. * store bell rings* “ Hey Jinyoung!” Jin hyung chirped. I look to see Jr. and Mr.hottie walk in.  Finally!~~~~ “ Hyung! Hyung!” I shook Jin so he can pay attention but he glared at me. “ Strange dance you doing there Jinnie.” Jr. chuckled as they both approach the cash register.  Jin laughed awkwardly and sent me another glare. Why is he so scary? Like how can someone so pretty be so scary? The world will never know. “ Hottie joon! I missed you!” I jumped off the counter and ran to the elder giving him a hug. His eyes went wide but he shook me off. I swear there is something about this child. “ Who’s hot- I mean is your new friend?” Jin asked. “ I’m Na- Seojoon. Nice to meet you.” he said shaking Jin hyung’s hand. God his voice is even hotter than his face!! Why didn't I notice  this before! “ Why are you so hot?!” I asked and Jin cleared his throat. I chuckled and sat back on the counter. “ I-I’m Jin. Nice to meet you too.” he blushed. Wait he blushed? “ Ya! I already called dibs!!!” “ What would you guys want?” Jin smiled. I rolled my eyes and glared at the elder. Stay off my hottie pink princess! “ just 2 americanos to go.” “ Alrighty. Jaebum-ssi 2 americanos and pack a small sweet dessert for your crush!!” Jr .eyes widened. I couldn't help myself from laughing. Seojoon joined in too. “ Ya! “ Jaebum screamed from the kitchen. We all laughed. Knowing him he did it none the less. We all know they like each other. I don't know why they wont just suck each other’s dick already and call it a day. “ Here you go guys!” Jin smiled handing them their stuff. “ Thank you princess. See you again!” Jr. chuckled when he saw the other pout. “ Bye Jr. and bye Seojoonie-ssi.” there he go blushing again. “ Bye…. Princess.” Seojoon said smiling a bit and waved. God he is so hot. “ Not you too!” Jin yelled and the hottie chuckled and left the store. “ Hey! That's mine so back off.” I warned Jin. Like seriously that is my husband. “ You're dead and plus he can't see you. So how can you ‘call dibs’? “ He chuckled a little. “ Still! I claimed him so back off my husband” jin tsked  and waited for more customers to come. Unknown POV “ What is the report on the kid?” “ He disappeared sir and including his father. He didn't come to work for 2 days.” I kneeled in front of the boss. I know lying to him might get me killed in the end but I can't see my best friend suffer anymore. “ Damn it! Can any of you pig bastards do anything right!?” I moved away as he through his ink well . He huffed in anger and sat back in his thrown.( might've spelled that all types of wrong)
“ No worries sir. The kid still haven't recovered his memories so he is no threat.” I said to the fuming man. “ I don't care if he’s a threat. I want him ….. He seem like he belongs to me.”  my eyes widen at the statement.  “ Go find my prince!” he chuckled. Sick bastard.
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