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Take your analogue DIY experience to the extreme and build your own 35mm plastic SLR camera with this Konstruktor kit.
Now a days it's all crap quality lomo/photojojo made in china junk, the original purpose of a diy camera was to inspire creativity and individuality. Mass producing a few varieties of plastic lenses on plastic cameras for everyone and their mom to use is the farthest thing from that.
DIY cameras have been around for years, most of them were pinholes up until the last decade but I know a company was manufacturing quality plastic diy tlr cameras for around $100, but they're out of production now because cheaper companies have filled the niche. If you're really into diy there's a Korean artist who hand makes cameras named Kwanghun Hyun. There's also a lot of individuals who make more usuable cameras as part of their photography, like this dude ross. http://www.flickr.com/photos/36exposures/sets/72157606590964855/with/2655338018/
oh really ? I just read this information from the website :). Could you give me some infos about that DIY camera for sales? Thank you for your feedback comment alot
How is this the first? There have been diy cameras for sale for years.
@sofiamuller758 I know !! This is so cool, isnt it ?! @tomy2k hehe i think you can order it now in the website, it is only 40000 Won :)
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