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Since the EXO version was so popular I decided to do a BIGBANG version!!! I will try to alternate between fluff and smut as we do each member.

So we're starting off with cute, adorable fluff with Jiyong ^.^

"How are we supposed to play seven minutes in heaven when I'm the only girl here?”
Seungri smiles mischievously. “Easy. One of us is the lucky guy who gets the girl and the rest of us get to strengthen our bond with each other in a dark, dingy closet.”
You laugh at the groans that go around the room. The members of BIGBANG sits in a tight circle on the floor of their dorm, holding slips of paper that Seungri collects in a hat. After all of them are inside, he mixes them up a bit with his hand before making his way to you.
“Time for you to choose that lucky guy~”
You roll your eyes as you stare at Seungri with a wary glare. "Are you serious?"
Seungri grins even wider. "Yepp!! Come on and pick me." He holds up the hat in front of you urging you to pick.
You look around at the other members reading their faces. Daesung shrugs his shoulders. Taeyang smiles encouragingly while TOP is trying hard not to laugh. Finally your eyes land on Jiyong and you immediately turn your head blushing.
The sight of your crush smiling at you sent your heart racing. Your mind was telling you to play this game just because there would be a chance for you to be alone with Jiyong. But on the other hand you could get the sex-crazed maknae.
You take a deep breath and dip your hand in the hat mixing the slips up in your hand as you pick a single one and hold it up in the air. Everybody in the room seems to lean in eagerly as you open the slip slowly. Your heart skips when you see the light, cursive writing that spells.....
"Kwon Jiyong?"
Jiyong snaps his head up and so do you and for a moment the room is silent as you two stare at each other. Jiyong breaks eye contact first scratching the back of his head. "Aiish I guess that means I'm the lucky guy." He gives a nervous smile that makes your heart flutter.
Seungri pouts as he looks at the two of you staring at each other. "Maaannnnn..... Jiyong-hyung always gets the girl." Nobody moves and Seungri crosses his arms impatiently. "Well? You guys know how this works right?"
You see Jiyong get up reluctantly as he walks over to the closest opening the door, holding it open for you. "Ladies first."
You hurry into the closest wishing that this will be the fastest seven minutes in your life. The closest is dark and empty as you stand in the center. Jiyong closes the door and slowly turns around. You're suddenly thankful towards your small height because you're now faced with Jiyong's chest.
"Y/N....." Jiyong's voice pierces the silence in the dark as you feel his hands grasp your own.
You lift your head and see him staring down at you, his deep brown eyes boring into you. "Do you like me?"
Your mouth opens then closes unable to make a sound. Did....did Jiyong just confess to me?
Jiyong seeing your shocked expression lets go of your hands quickly and backs away. "I'm sorry. I never done this..... I just felt like..." He rubs his hand through his hair tiredly.
"Its just that I liked you for a very long time. From the moment I saw you it was like I finally knew what true love was. It was seeing your face everyday, when you would let me hold your hand. True love is this moment right here. At least for me it is. I'm sorry for making this moment even more awkward. This is so emba-"
You silence him with your lips as you lean forward into him. He's taken aback but that doesn't last as he wraps his arms around you pulling you closer. You never knew he felt this way and now here you were kissing him for the first time. It felt like a dream the way his lips fit perfectly with yours.
You both pull away in need of air. Jiyong smirks as he runs his hand through your hair. "So I guess that means you feel the same way?"
You blush and punch him in the arm softly. "Maybe..."
He laughs again as he kisses you again lips fitting perfectly with yours. At that moment light floods the closest as Seungri opens the door with a sly smirk. "Ahhhhh seems like I've interrupted something."
You immediately jump away from Jiyong blushing as Seungri teases you. Jiyong takes your hand and smiles at you. And suddenly you don't care anymore. You just stare in those eyes. Those deep brown eyes that belong to the source of your love. Your true love.....
I suck at fluff lol.... Vote for who you want to see next!!!! The next one will be smut FYI.


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@orchiofriend549 I never did that for my 7 Minutes series but maybe I'll upload a smut version :)
I don't mean to be rude but how come ur not doing it like the other series u did. Where it was fluff than smut. I really liked it that was cause it have ppl a choice
TOP. TOP. TOP. SMUT . SMUT . SMUT LOL I'm not sorry lol
tagg me also and I agree with @FridaOsorio TOP next for smutt
Seungri please.
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